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i've been burning the roof of my mouth on all these spiteful words spitting out the slaves of my own devices better off hanging in the family tree with all the other self-righteous failures isn't that where we're all headed in the end anyway

i've been trying to find the motivation to chew on this noose gnaw on something new good things come to those who wait i've just been waiting for the end tired of the free-fall praying for the ground or an excuse not to open the chute

this is the end a prolonged goodbye not worth its weight in numb i'm feelin awful dumb dumber as the days get longer less sure of myself not feelin any stronger though i suppose i should done been through it all done crawled 57 laps around this same damn block

can you get it up for me boy? 'cause i'm tired of trying to make you you walk so tall puff out your chest, raise your chin up high and exhale a cloud of don't give a fuck yeah you better share so i'll be dumb enough to let you watch me falter in your arms it's okay to laugh i'll find it funny when i wake up still wielding my razor still tasting whiskey kisses still smelling hot erasers papers still strewn numbers i'll never call thoughts i'll never reclaim powers once used for good lay stagnant, atrophied idle hands cause evil deeds

got my passport and a fire extinguisher hope i meet some radical cats down there to make the sunburn worthwhile

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