I got a sunburn from hell about a week and a half ago...and now my chest and front of my shoulders are a darker tone than the whole rest of my body. It's kinda funny. I was sitting on a porch writing my final paper (my case study over one of the lovely countries in the third world....for those of you unaware the word "lovely" is used in a sarcastic manner) for about three hours and I wound up with a pretty fuckin awful burn.

You know how sometimes you wind up with a sun burn, and you know it could be worse, but that doesn't make it any better...that was this burn. Blisters and all...

Damn me and my fair skin.

I remember the fist time I got sunbun. I was at band camp over the summer and it was right on top of my head. I really didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that my head hurt really bad, and then it hit me. Sunburn! I still wasn't sure so I asked my friend to look at it, and she said it was sunburn. She said my head was bright pink. So she gave me some aloe and I put it on. It felt alot better. About a week or less later my head started peeling. It was really weird. I haven't had it since. I'm glad that my skin is naturally about spf 500.

I went to Bonnaroo last year. Before I went several people suggested to me that I tan. So I dug out a swimming suit, found my nice cushy outdooers loungey chair, slathered myself with super spiffy tanning lotion, and stretched out in my backyard. My lazy ass mooching friend Samantha decided to join me. We often battled over the nice cushy chair. I thought I should get to use the chair whenever I wanted, since I paid fifty five some dollars for super cushiness and water proofedness and such. She thought she should get it because she has this little mental _twitch_where she thinks she deserves everything ever, for free. We're not friends anymore. Anyway. One day, Sam and I decided to polish off a fifth of Jager, beginning at eleven in the morning. The reason for this late morning worship service to Dionysus was that our respective mans had left together for a hippie music/camping festival called Summer Camp. They would be gone for five days. We started drinking about thirty-five minutes after they left. We polished off that bottle in a little under three hours. Then I went and laid in the 2 PM early June sun. I was fine when I was lying on my back, but when I flipped over on my stomach, the way I was positioned in the chair put my head lower than the rest of my body. I promptly passed out. I awoke about nintey minutes later, my back so red crabs could easily blend in with it to hide from seagulls, if there were any crabs or seagulls within a thousand miles. I had also apparently ralphed several times while unconscious. My hair was one big nastyclump, and the dogs were lapping at a huge pool of vomit that still smelled like Jager. Seeing all this made me vomit again. On the dogs. While upchucking, it felt like someone was driving a railroad spike into my temple. It also felt like my stomach was full of drunken bees. When I was done heaving, I rested for a minute, then carefully got up and wobbled into the house. Sam was lounging on the couch in her swimming suit, getting suntan oil everywhere. "Hey," I croaked, "what's the deal with leaving me passed out in the sun?" "I thought you just wanted to get really tan." "Well, I don't, I'm trying to build up a base tan so I don't fry in Tennessee, and you know that. Besides, what about that huge pile of puke?" >.> "I didn't see that." I'm pretty sure that was a lie, since it was probably visible from space. Grr.

All I have to say about sunburn is "FUCK THAT!" Every year concerts kick my ass and leave me with blisters just cause I never go outside until the concert. SPF 70 can't save you....

I received the worst sunburn of my life at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

We had just arrived at our beachfront hotel after a 14 hour drive. We arrived around 10AM and I was so excited to go see the beach that I completely skipped the sunblock application process. I stayed on the beach until the sun went down and by that night I knew I had screwed up. My body was in severe pain. I was blood red. My shoulders became covered with huge gnarly-looking blisters that seeped. It was disgusting. I couldn't even wear a shirt without it soaking through. The worst part about this was that it was a 2-week vacation. I couldn't afford to have another bout with the sun. I spent most of the vacation in the shade. I tried to avoid places that required shirts whenever I could.

Let's just say that I learned my lesson. I always apply sunscreen now.

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