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It's the saddest feeling in the world putting some one you love on that train that will take them out of your life for a period of a month. Even though it's just one month, not a year, not two, just one month, you know it will be the hardest thing in the world to watch that train drag him off to another state to the city you both just came from two days before. From there he will go to another state, to the city where he is from and you will go back from the city you had him buy his tickets in with a friend of yours in your car, trying to keep a smile on your face despite the fact that you just drove from the train station back to your house with tears rolling shamelessly down your cheeks. You've never felt like this for someone before. Never loved someone to the point that when you had to leave them you cried from the time you stood on the platform with him til you were about to walk in the door of your friend's house once again. I just can't believe he had to leave so soon. He came home with me Thursday evening just to leave me Saturday morning.

it's even stranger because I have fallen in love with him to some degree. The even stranger thing is I told him, no longer afraid of what he would say in return I just came out with it and told him. I guess that means I've changed a lot. Perhaps for the better, perhaps not. I suppose we'll just have to see about that one. The strangest happening was that he loves me too, again to a degree. We've both had some relationships that scarred us. I suppose it's time we glue the pieces back together and hope they don't get shattered.

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