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i have a secret. one no one else knows. and no one knows me here so i am going to tell you all. I want to be taken advantage of. sexually. I want to take advantage of someone. Sexually. I want to meet someone in the night and fuck them an hour later. i want sex for the sake of sex. i want the person i am with and trust completely to rape me. i want them to close their ears to my pleas to stop. I want to feel their hands pin mine and their tounge to force past my lips and take what they want. I want to be in charge. to demand what i want and punish her if she doesnt obey. i want to leave red, bloody trails onher back from my nails. i want to break her. to keep her on the edge until she cries and then send her over with the flick of my tounge on her nipple. it doesnt make any sense. i am very quiet and unassuming most of the time. but here i am. hovering on the brink of true adult hood, and no one has ever really made my fantises come true. but then again they dont know what they are. i guess i want someone to just know what to do to please me and not have to have me explain it to them.

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I'm always pleasantly surprised how common this fantasy is. I don't totally share it, but I absolutely understand it. Especially in the sense of sometimes personally being filled with lust, and also wanting to experience things from the perspective of your lover. It naturally follows that it's appealing to have your lover enthusiastically indulge in his/her lust without hesitation nor compromise.

And yeah, sometimes violent fucking can be more fun than careful lovemaking.

While I appreciate the long-term, intimate lovers that I have, I also appreciate the low-pressure, primal, raw and unglorified sex that one can get out of strangers.

My point is, I hope you don't feel like some sort of sexual alien. Dominance and submission make sex fun in consensual and compassionate environments. People just associate the language of such activities with nonconsensual abuse, and as such, get squirmish about it -- even more so than people generally are about discussing sex.

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