shit. shit. shit.

they busted me. for two stupid songs. does this really happen? haha. am i going to jail? (just joking, being melodramatic) my parents are going to kill me.

i think it's funny, or at least it will be funny if this all blows over with no fines.

stupid riaa. stupid me. stupid university. shit shit shit.

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oh shit.

Someone got fined near where I lived like 5k...

How does that even happen?

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I didn't know this actually happened to people; I'm amazed. How on earth did they catch you?

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i know dude. i didn't know this happened. it's because they're cracking down on college students i guess. wtf? seriously, like college students don't have enough shit on their plates?

the worst part is i didn't even know i HAD the two fucking songs in question, much less that i was sharing them (granted, i admit i have limewire, but i don't use it and thought i disabled file sharing). it's stupid. i'm totally freaked out right now.

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Wow! What songs were they? Wouldn't it be so cruelly unfortunate if they were really obnoxious songs that you wouldn't even want to admit to liking?

I say read up in the news about all the recent cases where the RIAA has lost, or been forced to back down. Get really familiar with that, then go through the phonebook shopping for lawyers that want to take the case.

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AND THEN, bring up the fact that in none of the cases have the artists in question seen any of the fine money. You know my thoughts on the RIAA, or you should because I feel like we've talked about it before. Alternately: I can punch 'em for you if you want.

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Yeah, it seems absurd that the fines for downloading a song illegally are literally about a thousand times the cost of just purchasing the CD.

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