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When I was little, I used to sneak into the kitchen late at night, take uncooked packages of microwave popcorn, tear them open, and eat the butter inside.

And grab handfuls of raw sugar to take back to my room and eat.


I have no idea how I grew up to be healthy.

If you remember eating terribly unhealthy things as a child, post what you remember to this word. Let's start a discussion about how disgusting the dietary preferences of kids are.

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wow, that's uh... ew.

i used to mix milk and diet soda. when i was a kid i hated milk so my mom used to approve, just because she was happy i was getting some milk. i also used to put jelly on my potatoes... wait, scratch that, i still do that. i'd sneak downstairs in the night and eat spoonfuls of cake frosting, but i still do that too. i think the milk and diet soda was the weirdest one.

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Lunchables with the ham that had the consistency of jello

Those brightly colored "juice drinks" in the plastic bottles with the twist off tops, that are pure corn syrup. I forget what they are called.

Mayo on wonderbread

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step #1 take small (or large) lump of butter step #2 roll said butter in sugar step #3 consume when Mom isnt watching :)

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I just used to eat tons of pickles. Seriously, my mom had to give me a "pickle limit" of four pickles a day. And I'd still eat that many whenever I could. I used to like catchup on scrambled eggs, but now I hate eggs alltogether.

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One day I ate fifty sugar cubes, just to say I ate fifty sugar cubes one day. Then I got diabetes a couple years later, but I can hardly blame that on one day of sugar cubes.

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I used to sneak in the kitchen and eat plain slices of American cheese.

Oh, and when I was really really young, my sister taught me how to climb the drawers in my kitchen so that I could get onto the counter, and up to where the good food was.

God only knows what I ate THEN. lol

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I used to stuff Jacob's Cream Crackers into my mouth and chew but not swallow, so they filled my mouth with cracker-flavoured mush that I apparently found delightful. Then I'd swallow it all.

I ate whole packets of the things that way. Not exactly unhealthy but definitely weird.

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I love soft fresh bread. I love buttering it, and then rolling it into a tight ball and then chewing it to mush, then chewing it more. So good... especially if the bread is warm and the butter sinks in... nom nom nom

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That doesn't sound all that unhealthy, though.

I used to take Oreos and similar sugary-cream-between-cookies snacks and just eat the cookie parts so I could collect a big, gross ball of the sugary cream stuff. Then I'd cram that ball in my mouth and go into a sort of sugar-induced shock.

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I still do the oreo goo ball when no one is around.

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Yup. Me too. Or quadruple stuff oreos... or somesuch.

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This whole discussion makes me want to vomit and then eat a bunch of vegetables. The enormity of what I've done to my body compels it to turn inside-out in shock and disgust.

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