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420 changed my life. Not in the overly conservative "it's a gateway drug" way, but in a way that makes me feel normal. I feel ditzy and stumble over my words on occasion but for a brief period of a few hours I am pain free, anxiety free, and feel like I am me.

I never thought I would want so badly to be "normal" in my life.

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Pot day was the kicker to my relationship with my boyfriend of a year on 420.

I decided getting high with Zak (the guy I had been obsessed with for 3 years of my high school life), while having it's appeal was really not for me that particular day. So calling up who-is-now-my-boyfriend seemed like the next best thing.

It was fun. We drove around until we found a place to chill - his sister's house. And it all went from there.

So pot day was the day I hold for not pot, but for my current boyfriend.

420 was also a day I lost my pot-virginity. But meh i think my first serious boyfriend is what I will remember 420 for.

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Every time it's 0420 or 1620, and we catch it, one of my dearest friends jokes about how that is the time for us to smoke pot together... only I don't smoke pot and he only does on occassions.... I'm more into salvia, makes me laugh and have joyful images of joy and joyness.....So, yea.... if we're late, like 0421, he says we must do more...makes me laugh

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hah hah hah. i take the BC at 4:20, myself. small world. :)

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420, the universal code of ambiguous origin that will forever be associated with pot.

I remember 4:20pm as being the time that my first girlfriend designated to take her birth control pill every day.

4-20 (April 20th) was also chosen for the inadvertently-aptly-named "Jay Day" while I was in highschool. The "Jay" was supposed to stand for journalism. The regional highschools would round up all of their journalism students and take them to a centrally-located college for a series of lectures and workshops with a foolishly unenforced attendance policy. I don't know about most students involved with Jay Day, but everyone that I knew would just blow off the lectures and hang out on campus, or gather in the houses of their college friends and make a few passes of a bowl of chronic.

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