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So I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of body modifications. I really love tattoos and piercings! It's this high that I can't get anywhere else, I love going to get tattoos, I love the rush, I love the conversational pieces that start with why you're getting t his particular tattoo or whatever. It's always so much fun. I really enjoy the way people look at you when you walk out of the parlor, that acceptance into the community, especially with the first tattoo or piercing.

I've been working on the finalized sketch for my next tattoo or three.... depends on how much money I have at any given time, you know? It's always best, in my opinion to go get your tattoo in the middle of the day, they usually cost less because everyone in the world is at work and obviously they can't come in for an hour+ time slot with an artist, so you have to time your arrival for your day off or whatever. I'm pretty excited about finishing my current tattoo. I've been working on my sleeve for a while, unfortunately I haven't gotten far. Lack of money and transportation will do that to you. :) OH well! I've decided to set aside $5 a week this summer and into the fall and hopefully by mid september I'll have enough to get done what I want to do. I should have $85 by September 20th, which is safely before I go back to the parent's house for October break.

Oh! By then I may be able to set aside more money at a time which means i may be able to have my current tattoos shaded and get either the next similar flower or a new daisy and butterfly combo! Sweet freakin action....

As for piercings!! I've found I enjoy surface piercings and I think I would like to get one on my shoulder when I finish that sleeve, well, not one, five. I'm going to put a star tattoo at the top of that sleeve and I really think it would be fun to have little surface piercings surrounding it. I think it would be cute. I've also been looking at different facial piercings that I think would be fun, like snake bites.....hmmm...and nose for some reason. I never saw myself as a nose ring person, but I think if I got the ring and not the stud it would be better. Besides, on me, the stud would look retarded.

Well, I guess that's all for now kids... I'll continue with my obsessions in private

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I've always wanted a flamenco dancer tattoo and my first tattoo was random and on impulse, but this one has meaning.

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and btw I love looking at body mod sites they are so interesting to see.

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I saw a series of pictures yesterday of a girl getting her ears pointed so they looked like elf ears. I've never been interested in body mods more extreme than tame piercings and tattoos, but damn those ears looked cute afterwards. And it's such a subtle mod, most people would either not notice it or shrug it off as a congenital thing.

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