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People really piss me off. Don't tell me that my baby "is in heaven with god and the angels" and "God must have wanted them back." Fuck you and your opiate of the masses. Fuck you for saying anyone has the right to take my baby, and that I should be happy! FUCK YOU, One of my relatives actually had the gall to tell me it was MY fault, for being a pro-choice slut. God punishing the wicked and all. I slapped her. First time in my life I ever hit someone in anger. That was my baby. I give no shit about people when they say "You don't love them until they're born." Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. I loved Bump as soon as I realized I was pregnant. Even though a pregnancy wasn't scheduled, by the time we got to a doctor to find out for sure, I loved Bump so fucking much that when she told us I was indeed pregnant, I went "YES!" And the father almost fell down. It's unbelievable how insensitive people are. Most act like I've had my appendix out.

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I'm glad that you slapped her. Anyone who hasn't been through what you have can possibly imagine how you feel and should keep their religion to themselves.

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There's so many people who go through this type of thing that have no one to turn to because of mentalities like your aunt's. Good for you you slapping her! I would have probably punched her in the gut, too maybe.

People think it's easy to go on from losing a part of you. I don't get it at all. You mourn your cats, your dogs, ...hell, I saw some guys crying their eyes out when they had to get their dog's nuts cut off...but if a baby isn't born yet, it makes it ok to totally act oblivious to the hurt and pain that death causes.

I don't know what to say to make the hurt go away, but I lub you, n if I was in Indy, I'd like totally steal money from Butthole Surfer (Rickets) and steal a car and just head out somewhere....ROAD TRIP!

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I lost my baby about a month ago. I was right at twelve weeks. There was blood, a 911 call. 45 minutes later, the ambulance shows up. A male EMT comes in, pronounces the blood as 'not that much,' and takes me out to the ambulance. He waits until he's asked me a bunch of questions before we go to the hospital. No one comes in for over an hour, then the doctor comes in with orders. After an ultrasound, he comes in and says "I'm sorry, but you've had a miscarriage," and walks out as I start to cry.

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E-hugs! I'm not sure what to say, but I'm glad you're ok (i hope you're ok!)

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