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I really fucking hate Dr. Phil. I would set him on fire with my mind if I could. First of all, I hate his bullshit good old boy sayings. "You can't make a hill of beans without opening a lot of cans." Is my impression of that. Hell, he has probably said it. Secondly, he's ragging all over the mother of those octuplets. He's calling her insane, ridiculous, yadda yadda. Where's your compassion, you balding motherfucker? She is a human being. If she has emotional issues, that does not mean we should deny her membership to our species. Jesus Christ.

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There are a lot worse people then her. I don't understand what's so bad about it sure it sucks 6 kids then another 8 and I know she's not married or whatever, but it's her life. At least she's not a child molester.

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i know this comment may cause a heated discussion, but...

yeah, dr. phil sucks. but honestly, the mom of the octuplets disgusts me. she probably has emotional issues, indeed. but let's look at this situation honestly.

she's unemployed, on disability. being unmarried... whatever. but she's now had 14 children via IVF (very expensive therapy, fyi, for those who aren't yet aware) when she can't support herself. apparently, she's living with her parents. she's receiving welfare and food stamps. her plan to support her huge family? become a "television childcare expert."

not to mention that implanting six embryos in a woman her age via IVF is an ethical no-no. for a younger woman, it's standard to implant one or two embryos, due to a high success rate of the procedure. the doctor who performed her IVF if in this situation is not only a moron but questionable in his field.

i'm all for reproductive rights. you want to have a million kids? good for you. but support them yourself. if you're adult enough to have children, you're adult enough to wait to have children until you can afford to support them yourself. if you're already relying not only on your parents but on taxpayers, DO NOT HAVE MORE FUCKING KIDS. people fall on hard times. welfare is a good thing, when it's made to help mothers rise out of their situation and become self supporting. it is not there to pay for your fucking litter. i'm sorry, but i'd rather my money go to someone who is genuinely working to better their situation than someone who is just popping out babies (and paying money to pop out babies!) because they have emotional issues.

let's look at the kids, too. how is it fair to bring that many children into that situation? she obviously has emotional issues. she not only can't support her children financially, but i question her ability to support them morally and emotionally as well. yes, she's a person. but the kids are people, too. growing, vulnerable people. your parents are your heart, your god, your world for most of your life. having children is a very adult decision that requires a lot of thought and careful consideration of the consequences. somehow, i don't think that happened here.

it doesn't happen a lot at all, actually. it's a slippery slope, i guess, to tell someone who can't support kids to not have kids. in the end, it's her choice. there's nothing i'd actually advocate "doing about it" because what can you do? essentially, it's one of our basic functions as mammals. you can't limit that. you limit that and you end up with eugenics, nazis, etc.

that's not going to keep me from believing that people should THINK HARDER BEFORE HAVING BABIES. and it's not going to stop me from resenting the people that don't.

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Think harder before having babies? Yes, I agree. Also, I think she's not on welfare yet. She was living off of student loans, which irritates me. I just think Dr. Phil was being an uncompassionate asshole. People do stupid things, that doesn't make them evil.

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