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Ok let it be known to the world that gray bluish box can read. I know I know a novel idea in today’s society but it’s true. If I happen to be in line well let me rephrase that outside of the designated line area,(which happened to be boxed off by black rope that was visible to all) holding a ticket that clearly states I belong in theater nine, rest assuredly I AM WELL AWARE OF IT! No I am not trying to cut you. Again I am outside of the designated line area and since you were clearly staring at me and my ticket you probably noticed I was speaking to someone. Funny how the world continues to move even though you’re standing still I know. I was merely trying to establish that my party was going to meet me at in the front lobby when the movie was over. Again I know you heard this because you then proceeded, rudely might I add, to tell the person on the cell phone of which you nearly hit me in the face with that, that was what I was doing. Yet you continued to make your snide little remarks trying to I don’t know make me stop what I was doing turn bow to your gracious self and leave. Who cares if we all get separated and spend six hours trying to find each other as long as you and your phone conversation can continue safely placed in a line THAT I WASN’T EVEN IN! And by the way none of us care if you have an Iphone. Repeat it all you want. We didn’t suddenly think that you were now the best person in the entire world. I didn’t feel the need to drop to my knees right then and there and praise you, because god knows you and you’re damn phone deserve it. Oh and the concierge that walked by and didn’t see a problem with me standing OUT SIDE OF THE LINE like most of the world does have a real job. (A job that she was doing quite well considering the patrons) I figured you most of all would have realized that for if she were not there you would’ve been forced to fetch your own purse. Who leaves their purse unattended in a sea of teenagers any way! I guarantee that “that’s not part of her job description.” As fate may have it yes I did recognize you in that gas guzzling SUV and once again I found that your head was still firmly planted in your ass. I’m sorry if I can’t just drive through a median and pummel over pedestrians so that you may cut through the line leaving the parking lot as if you would somehow make it to the only exit in the damn place faster than the rest of us who were following the rules and didn’t feel the need to kill anyone other than you. I must admit though as shaming as it is for me I was utterly thrilled to see you stuck behind sixty or seventy cars while the rest of us who were in the correct lines were able to leave before you. In the end you did help put a smile on my face and gave me just a shred of hope that maybe, just maybe, there is a thin silver lining to ever gray cloud.

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