thought 12 years, 1 month ago...

It's... really not hard to stop being clingy? Like it's a pretty simple thing to just not be clingy anymore. Don't allow yourself to think about the person you're clinging to so much and hey! Now you've stopped making excuses about changing something about yourself that repels others!

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people are wired differently,and while you say this, some people might have something in their past or in their genetic makeup that makes it harder for them to let go. Just saying…

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We're all clingy to the wrong people. To the right person, you're just perfect. I can't wait to meet you, so I stop feeling so damned clingy.

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Ugh. I'm so damn clingy. I barely know this girl and I've already begun acting like a fool.

I should probably avoid her, because she's so incredibly wrong for me that even the combined efforts of my heart and my penis can't tell my brain that it's a good idea.

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come baaaaaaack

talktometalktometalktome TALK TO ME

don't go to sleep plllleeeaseeee don't go

i love you, but i love you

promise me you'll never hurt me

don't leave me, never leave me

i need you, i love you i love you i love you

tomorrow please all day tomorrow please can i have you all day

i just need to be with you

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I can't help being clingy. I'm paranoid and constantly anxious. I need someone around.

I don't like it. I miss the days when I was alone more than I was around people.

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Am I too clingy because I want to talk to him everyday? I don't want to crowd him. I just don't know. In my last relationship I was too distant, now I think I'm getting too close. I think I maybe letting him in too far. I'm not used to worrying about this type of thing. It should not be this hard.

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