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some pirates wear eyepatches because they've lost an eye, however i've recently learned that some pirates wear eyepatches so their eye will get accustomed to darkness. this way they can see better at night and can pillage more effectively. i thought this was interesting and had to pass it on.

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Anything having to do with pillaging is interesting :)

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I think they may have actually tested that on mythbusters... I don't remember the result though.

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I saw that episode of Mythbusters, and the result was that it worked.

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To ninjaperson:

I'm sort of a hippie. I'm dating a definate hippy. Besides, if these perfect pirates are compassionate, etc, they might bath occasionally, when I make them at sword point!

I will concede that ninjas are cooler in some ways, quiet, mysterious, usually on a quest instead of plundering.

I'll still take one sensitive compassionate funny pirate, please.

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all i can think of are the guys on bones, ARRRRRR pirates!

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pirates are unquestionably cooler than ninjas. ninjas are boring. pirates are rough and ready. what man doesn't want to be rough and ready?

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Ninjas are better than pirates.

....somebody had to say it.

Pirates COOLER than ninjas? I might give you that. Ninjas can't really compete on the coolness scale outside of their abilities - outside of being kickass assassins they lead pretty dull lives, aren't wild and crazy like pirates, and you don't ever see what they look like or get to know them at all. You wouldn't invite a ninja to a party, but a pirate is the life of the party. Since you never see a ninja, ninjas can't really be all that sexy either - Johnny Depp would never play one. A role where he doesn't talk and you can't really see his face? Forget it. So yes, pirates are perhaps cooler than ninjas if you ignore what ninjas can do.

But ninjas are still better. =P

It's probably just a personal opinion thing. I think superhuman stealth is much less boring than swashbuckling. In videogame terms, I love playing Hitman on silent assassin rating so much more than all those other games where you hack and slash or just shoot things.

And ninjas are ALWAYS cunning where only the best pirates are.

And pirates never bathed. Think about that one, ladies.

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It depends on how many ninjas there are. Have you heard the argument that how good the ninjas are is inversly proportional to the number? That's why in movies, when there's a ton of ninjas all attacking the hero, the hero wins. However, if there's only one, they can sneak around and do whatever the fuck they want.

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The Inverse Ninja Law is definitely an important factor in considering the superiority of pirates or ninjas.

I must disagree with you in that, while I myself affiliate with the piratical side of things and am therefore heavily biased in favor of pirates (also I know a lot more about them), I do know some pretty sexy ninjas.

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Two words.... Johnny Depp.

Sure ninjas are cool in their own way... smoke bombs, sneaking, assasinating and whatnot, and I have met some interesting ninjas.... but they don't swashbuckle... and swashbuckling is a hobby of mine. Also, swords are cool.

... though ninjas have swords too...

It's a tight race for me, but I lean towards pirates... mostly because I wish I was one.

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I second that.

Wow...what can I say? Pirates are just amazing. They are so tough and manly, yet always seem to have a sensitive, caring side (the good ones anyway ;D ). I want to marry a pirate.

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