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well damn. why are you in my head all the time? we both know that it cant work. dont we? i know that it cant work. no matter how badly i want to strip you down and do things to you i havent done to anyone else. it cant work. all i ask is that you dont fall in love with me. if you did i would feel so bad. i cant help the things i say and do to you and i dont want you to get hurt. i guess you're old enough to handle it but still.... there are so many others that would be perfect for you. you should forget about me and go for one of them. dont depend on me. i cant give you all that you deserve. i bet this is the first time that you have been the reciever of this speech and not the giver. when you hug me i go home and bury my nose in my shirt to see if i can get a hint of your smell. ciggerettes, mens deodorant, skin and something thats just you. cant wait to see you xoxoxoxox

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You always think things can't work, and somewhere in there you always think that someone always deserves better. But why isn't love enough? If you love her, why can it not be enough.

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it just cant work because she doesnt really want a relationship and i dont really just want someone in my bed. sad fact but i need someone who will last forever.

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I understand that... it's really hard to go through the heart ache over and over and over again... I guess I was thinking you were saying that you couldn't do the serious relationship thing, because I spent the last 2 years trying to convince someone that they're love was enough, but they just never felt adequate themselves... so I was trying to clarify

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i guess i am just a "forever" kinda girl. i would like a home and all that jazz. but let me just say that if this girl WAS ready to do more then sleep with me i would risk the heart ache to be with her.

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Word. I know how you feel then. I just kind of have given up on a "forever" person for the time being. Sorry if I came off as a kind of a dick, I guess I do that sometimes. The concept of a "forever" person bothers me a little bit right now, really.

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