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I've struck gold. Gold, I tell you! I found a little roleplay community based in a flash IRC-like webchat, and it's FULL of horny perverts just like me. A lot of them can even type and spell worth a damn!

I am having so much fun playing out my slutty little fantasies there, oh my god this is awesome~

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Rawk. Double-click that mouse, girl.

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no sharing with the pervy community? :(

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I fear for my anonymity, giving URLs of websites I frequent, but to be fair I go to fairly great lengths to hide myself there too. It's at and I am warning you now it's full of anime chich├ęs, furries and creepily underage characters. When you find a decent poster though, it's pretty fun.

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No strings text sex, occasionally with attractive avatar to boot.

It's silly, but it scratches an itch ;)

And DAMN does it make you appreciate a good writer...!

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oh heack yes it scratches an itch! i do it sometimes and its nice not to have to worry that you are going to wake up next to someone you dont really want to be next to. plus you can say what ever you want and there is no awkward moment where they're like " i dont know if i can twist like that...?" right on for cyber sex!

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I've done it a time or two. Goofy? Yeah. Awkward? Yeah. Fun nonetheless. And it's sometimes the only opportunity that one has to be naughty with a partner that's either too geographically or morally distant to be able to drop his or her pants and get down to it in person.

Plus, cybersex affords you the opportunity to pause and re-read whatever you like most, savoring it and indulging in it for as long as you'd like. Real people have limited stamina and gag reflexes and whatnot, but that's irrelevant when you can rewind them and replay a fun moment. Well, and just in general if you're not talking about actual sex.

There's an air of lust about Ether lately. Y'all need to just get together and have a big ol' sexy party. Sex is fun, plus as a bonus, the continuing cycle of sex and heartbreak will guarantee new content for Ether for forever.

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I would have to say an Ether orgy is the best idea ever. Or an Ether cyber sex orgy. Eh, eh

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Consider this a vote for a cyber orgy; sounds like fun!

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You suggested it; now the question is will you join in! Haha

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There's some joke to be made about either/or and ether/orgy, but I don't quite know how to make it. I'd join in to add some irreverence to the mix. "I activate my robotic telescopic codpiece and set its laser sights on your left ear. Its whirring turbines eagerly await plunging into your warm brain, the sexiest organ of all. As you attempt to flee in terror, a tranquilizer dart abruptly flits out of the titanium urethra and into your neck. As the dark blanket of sleep overtakes you, you can barely make out my maniacal giggling over the sound of its pincers nearing your pallid face."

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An ether cyber orgy would be the most insightful cyber sex ever.


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