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I always carry a weapon on me; usually one of those screwdrivers with the 2 different hex adjusters on the end in a T fashion to use it as a push-dagger. A couple months ago, I was in New York, and went to meet a girl I had known from the internet. I had forgotten to bring anything from here, so I brough a metal lamp cord I had found in my brother's apartment. It's funny because, I'm not even that good with small weapons, I'm much better at hand-to-hand combat (and staves/spears). So I guess it's somewhere between a bluff and a false sense of security. But I also realize, that if push ever came to shove, and I did end up going legitimately berserk (it's happened once or twice before), I would go too far. With my hands, I would go too far. So what am I doing carrying a weapon? I guess if I ever get jumped by a dude with a knife. But then my knuckles'll get all sliced up anyway. Maybe I should just wear medieval gauntlets at all times.

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I can relate. I'm always carrying a knife and/or something less conventional that can be used in self defense, but would pass a security screening, like chopsticks tucked into my sleeve (which I legitimately use when I'm at a restaurant and eating food that's too awkward for a fork). I like the interesting touch of the screwdriver and the electrical cord.

I spent a period of my life preparing for the moment when people making threats against me would find me and do whatever it is they were planning, and I learned a lot about the skills and tools for self-defense, and how to be well-equipped for a fight to the death while maintaining a normal appearance. Here's an obscure item that might interest you: Kevlar arm warmers. They're made for people that work in various industries where their arms or backs of their hands might get cut, like working in kitchens chopping up vegetables. Applied to self-defense, they look like normal arm warmers, but you can block knives with them. I haven't seem them myself, and I'm a little skeptical because Kevlar vests don't protect you against getting stabbed, but the idea of subtle reinforced arm warmers is very practical. Read up on building discrete armor for wearing into protest marches, too. Simple items bought from a hardware store put together right can be worn under coat sleeves (or built into coat sleeves) that'll give you a big advantage if you want to get out of a fight without getting slashed with a knife or have bones broken by someone with a club.

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