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yup. its that time. today i caught my roommate with his pants down. he wasnt really jerkin one out. more like caressing it. weird. just thought someone should know. thanks.

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  1. What was your reaction?
  2. What was his reaction?
  3. Is this not spoken of now, or have you given in to the obligatory "ha ha I caught you with your dick out" teasing? :)
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You know what I love it. I do. I have since the first time I did it, but ever since I was little I've been taught that masturbation was wrong. I think that blows. I'm pretty sure that they would rather me be in my room masturbating than me out running around fucking everything that moves. At least by getting myself off I can't contract any diseases. When I have kids I'm not going to give them a hard time about jacking off. I'd rather them be in their rooms by themselves than sleeping with some hos that can give them AIDS. Is anyone else with me?

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I agree... I'd rather have my kids jacking/jilling off than sleeping around and having kids before their ready or getting an STD

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There was actually a surgeon general under the Clinton administration named Joycelyn Elders that supported the idea of promoting masturbation as a means of protecting youngsters from riskier sexual behavior. Christian groups instantly flipped out and Clinton asked her to resign.

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Ha. If our government was more practical, they'd buy out that Realdoll company and sell them at cost, and maybe give rapists free ones. Or something. Of course, if they get practical, they could also just kill everyone that disagrees with them.

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lol I think we're getting closer and closer to the practical solution.

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I use to masturbate quite often, being as I was a porn addict and until I started screwing my boyfriend I was qute content. Hell, I still would be. Masturbation is quite healthy.

The government is quite fucked up... this sorta proves it but whatever... I'd vote yes for that.

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Except for when I figured out the mechanics and first started masturbating, I've never done that much. Sometimes, though, I wake up, or all of the sudden in the middle of anything (well, not sex) I really want to masturbate. I mean, it sounds really fun. And then I go and do it and it is. As far as what Pinky said, not being able to orgasm until someone else was brought into the picture, things were the opposite for me. I had no problem getting myself off, but it took me forever to figure out how to both control my thoughts and what's going on during sex, and let go of other things. I actually have somewhat extreme control of it at this point, I don't have trouble orgasming during sex hardly at all... I'm sure you all wanted to know that! heheh.

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I can't masturbate. True story. Sure, I'm physically capable of doing things that sexually stimulate myself, but I can't... well... "cum". Believe me, I've tried. But it wasn't until I let another person come into the scenario that I learned what an orgasm felt like at all. Before then, I always just kind of knew that there was more to the whole sex thing than I was able to give myself.

On a similar note, nothing in the world turns me on quite like seeing someone I love aroused. I guess those things are related somehow.

Wonder what I'm doing wrong...

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