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recently i have found that sex is all i can think about. i will be in class and i find my self drifting away from the lecture and instead writing dirty stories in my notebook. i cant stop checking people out, wondering if they would be fun in bed. even more frightening, though i am definately a lesbian, i have even begun thinking about doing guys. the penis is a mystery to me. i have never had anything to do with one. all my straight friends ask me how i have sex with girls like its some big secret mystery. in truth, i dont really understand how straight sex works. is penetration really so fantastic? are there really men out there who give oral sex as well as recieve? my girlfriends have never found any. is straight sex as much about the man's pleasure as it seems? and do straight people just sorta dive right in to sex instead of doing other things? my sex life involves so much more then penetration. there is touching and kissing and oral sex. do these things happen in straight sex? i wonder about all of this and i have no idea who to ask. please ether, give me some answers before i jump some guy just to find out what goes on in bed!

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I can only reply based on my experiences so other girls might disagree with this, but this is what is true for me: Yes penetration feels amazing(I usually prefer it over playing with fingers in fact), yes there are men who give as well as receive(and are amazing at it), and there is usually a lot of foreplay before we get down to the fucking part - unless the mood takes us that way of course.

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I, too, am a lesbian. I can't stop thinking about sex. It's such a strange thing, having sex with men. I use sex toys and I can appreciate penetration, but what I love about lesbian sex couples don't often experience (from word of mouth of my friends), often times lesbian sex is completely selfless. When I have sex with someone I focus on her and only her. I want to spend hours touching her body, pleasing her, and focusing all my attention on her, her wants, and her needs. I don't think about anything but her, and with straight sex it is more selfish because both partners can get pleased at the same time. But I think that the physical acts of straight and lesbian sex can trigger the same sensations of pleasure, the difference is mental in my opinion.

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You and your girlfriends have never run into a male that gives oral to women?


Out of all the straight males I've known, I think I've met one - perhaps two - that didn't give oral to women, and furthermore enjoy giving oral to women.

You and your girlfriends must only know some really specific type of male.

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Yeah. Assholes.

Seems to me like blue and pink should get acquainted. :D

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