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I don't like body hair at all. And my family is pretty hairy.

So I shave my neck back and chest often.

I want to go out with this guy, and he said he actually prefers body hair and he couldn't picture me "fuzzy" so he asked me to wait to show him this weekend - or take a picture before I shave.

He said it was gross, and then that he was only kidding, and then when i said "so i was right, better shaved.." he responded "yeah."

And now he txted me and asked: "so your still coming this weekend and hanging with me saturday?"

and i freaked out and he says "i really really want to. lol. you better come!!!"

i don't know how to read him sometimes. i think i just overthink things.

wish me luck.

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Good luck.

Also, on an unrelated note, I have very inconsistent body hair. I grow nearly no facial and chest hair, but my stomach is pretty hair, with a very clearly defined "happy trail". I also grow a pretty wild jungle in my precious areas when left unkempt. But nobody needed or wanted to hear that.

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My college showers are too small to really shave your legs.

The water drips down and washes your shaving cream away, it's tough to maneuver to reach the backs of your legs, water rains down into your face as you try not to cut yourself while navigating the oh so treacherous ankle area.

I joked once that if I could just put my foot far over my head and rest it on the side of the shower, shaving would be much easier.

I tried it once.

I think from now on, I'll just shave at a sink.

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Pff. Why bother shaving? I like my women furry as lumberjacks.

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Haha, careful there, mr black... last time I suggested that I didn't mind if the ladies didn't shave their legs on my blog I got dozens of comments from extremely disgusted women.

Which I thought was hilariously ironic. "How dare you not want me to shave, which I hate!"

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I like furry ladies as well! mmmm furry ladies!

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I was being ironic, but I do think that a total obsession with shaving your hair off constantly is bizarre, especially if you don't like doing it.

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Honestly, I don't shave all that often. Just when I know that I'll be showing my legs.

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yeah, that's how I am. During the winter my legs are disgusting because I know I'm not going to be showing them.

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I don't shave my legs, but I couldn't stand not shaving under my arms and my pussy. Being smooth is SO much nicer than being all fuzzy and awful, I don't care what anyone thinks; male OR female!

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i'm female, and one of the craziest things I find attractive is women with underarm hair... it's just so pretty to me.

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I don't shave my legs too often since I've been at college. I'm OCD about arm pits though. Even my boyfriend's armpits need to be trimmed/shaved. And he likes it that way too... The hair on my legs aren't even noticeable. There's been a time when he's touched them and been like "Awe you shaved for me." And I'm like "Uh... sure?" Legs are just annoying. And I always cut my shins...

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to me it seems so weird not to shave everything. in today's society women are expected to shave their armpits and legs. i shave everything, even if no one's gonna see my armpits/legs/crotch. i like this type of hairless femininity. i avoid touching guys' legs whenever possible.

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I may not enjoy shaving, but I enjoy the end result...

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Alright, I'll go out on a limb and pose the question that would otherwise go forever unasked. What do girls think about guys that shave areas other than their face? Namely chest and pubes.

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I think it's hot. I personally fucking hate shaving, so it's hypocritical to have expectations of a hairless man. But seriously, I don't think I've ever met a girl that thinks it's attractive to have a bird's nest down there. The chest is up in the air, differs from person to person. I personally don't really care if there's not a lot of hair but hairless is always a plus.

As for myself... Damned if I shave my legs more than three times a year. Pits and bits, woo

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I've never been with a particularly hairy man, so as far as I'm concerned if he was shaving anything but his face it would be weird. I hate chest hair, but I imagine I'd hate stubbly chest far more.

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I have a lot of body hair and I've never even considered shaving it. Like... it's a legitimately impressive amount.

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I don't have a problem necessarily with body hair, but I like beardy things, not particularly a fan of leg hair.... or underarm hair... Honestly, I don't have a problem with my boyfriends/girlfriends shaving or not. I feel as though it is not my body (all the time) and I have no say what goes on with it...

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I don't really care if a guy shaves his chest or not...

As for pubes though... those need to be maintained (that doesn't mean they have to be shaved, but you know, trimmed) on BOTH genders.

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I can't stand a lot of body hair, one of the may perks of being a lesbian. I prefer a trimmed downstairs, frequent armpit shaving, and shave your legs when you want to shave your legs. Preferably at least twice a month.

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i hate shaving and at the same time i hate having my hairy legs touching each other. so i do it, but i will always complain about it. in a perfect world i would just stop growing hair on my legs and pits. as for men, hairy chests are not cute and trimming your pubes is a good idea. otherwise youre fine.

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I shaved my legs yesterday. I love the way my shaving cream feels on my legs. Soft and smooth. It's rather sunsual.

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