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A few weeks ago, a guy approached me and, citing my habit of constantly subjecting myself to pain, my occasional references to sparring with friends, and my martial arts training, asked me if I wanted to start a fight club with him. Well, we were in a group meeting and I left before he could catch me, so he asked somebody else to ask me if I would be into that. Since then, I was expecting to run into him. My response was going to be something like, "Dude, just come to my martial arts classes. You'll get as wrecked up as you want to get, but nobody's going to be flying off the handle and punching your teeth out. It's a lot safer and smarter than asking random people to fight you, or whatever you mean by a 'fight club'."

Anyway, he just hanged himself to death in his dorm room. Damnedest thing.

I wonder how that all would have played out if he had caught me before I had left.

i love Chuck's books. i often wish i could hit that all-time low so that i could reform my thoughts. instead of being the traditional "perfect," i'd find happiness in not being perfect...not being afraid to do anything because i'd have nothing to lose.

ah, but i'm too afraid to let myself do that. sorta pathetic i suppose, but it's the complete opposite of what i've always been taught.

anyway...i love the song at the end of Fight Club (movie, of course). "Where is my Mind" by The's so beautiful.

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One of my favorite scenes is when Tyler gets Lou to leave the Fight Club alone by just scaring the shit out of him by bleeding all over the guy.

I love it because this is totally how I "fight".

I've always been a weakling, and learned quickly that I can't beat anyone up. I remember one time punching a guy in the face as hard as I could and he didn't even blink. So, instead I learned to get a reaction by just being the scariest I could be.

You get me angry and I will charge at you, screaming bloody hell, but while stabbing myself, clawing my own hair out, trying to make you drink my blood. All while glaring - so you know its meant to be done to you. I turn myself into a human voodoo doll.

It's the only thing I've found that works.

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The first rule of fight club is to never talk about it......I think you have all broken that rule.

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The breakldown of society is such an attractive idea. This causes most people to forget the fact that not everyone lives through such changes. The people who are unhappy with the current set up might feel that way because of an inability to adapt, and adaptation is neccesary when society changes.

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My favorite character in Fightclub is the penguin. It always makes me smile.

Meatloaf's man-tits also make me smile.

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"But really, I mean, it's an admirable goal. Tearing down an old, corrupt system that favors those already in power-" "Dude, it's just a movie." "I know that, I'm just saying that-" "Just a movie. There's no reason to go blowing up buildings." "I'm not advocating blowing up buildings. I'm talking about the need to change society, to change our culture in such a way that it doesn't value the transitory but the transcendant, that it-" "Look, it's stupid to become a terrorist just because a movie said to."

Damn you, Chuck Pahlaniuk. Damn you.

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