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"Girly Drinks" can have an awful lot of alcohol in them if permitted... or if the bar tender of the evening decides to increase the tequila in the margaritas because you're not playing beer pong, you're playing margarita pong, therefore, you will be completely smashed by 4 am. Perhaps it was because I started with Rum and Coke and ended with so many sugary, sweet, wonderfully tasty margaritas ranging in flavor from Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate and beyond. Such fun times with friends drinking away these little beverages that, this morning, don't seem so little. I feel rather silly having had so much to drink. I drunk dialed my boyfriend to ask him questions and talk to him and most of his replies involved laughter and telling me how cute I was. Then when I left the party, I called him again and wound up puking while talking to him three or four times. I finally went to bed around 4:30 this morning and then woke up at 6 am to go vomit. I must say that 6 am and 11 am look an awful lot a like at that point because it's all summery and shit, so it's bright REALLY early and I was really concerned that I was going to have to go to work soon. I've never had a hang over, but I'm sure the sensations I experienced when I did get up at 11 am were similar to that of a hang over. My stomach is still not pleased with my decision to mix rum and tequila throughout the evening. But I blame work and school for continuously making me so stressed out that I want to do nothing but drink and be crazy....although mixing wine with all of those shenanigans probably didn't help either. Although, I must say that this morning after I puked and was washing my face off, my eyes were quite startling. I've never seen them such a shade of blue.

I do feel bad for my boyfriend because he was the one talking to me while I was drunk and stumbling about our campus, despite the fact that he is quite a distance away from where I am. I've taken care of him before when he was VERY drunk, but he's never had the pleasure. I'm sure he would have taken care of me if he had been here, but honestly, having him on the phone was enough to make me happy and when I got back to the dorm and rinsed off my shoes, he talked me into going to sleep and that was nice. He's very nice to me.

Perhaps margarita pong wasn't the best plan yesterday. Especially given the medication I was on until yesterday morning. But oh well, too late now, I guess we may never know one way or another whether it was good or bad. At least the margaritas were tasty going down. Too sweet in the end, every time I puked, I had this back taste of something sweet which made me feel sick all over again. I think I'll avoid candies and such for a while as a consequence.

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