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My friend has a son named Xavier.

When my sister broke her hip in a car accident, she got a wheelchair that she almost never used.

My friend brought Xavier with her to the house one day. When he got bored, I took him to the front yard, in the wheelchair and ran around with him.

I fueled his mini rollercoaster until the rain came.

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xavier grew pot in his back yard when he was in high school and made aaron dress up like a girl for freshman initiation. he is five years older than me, and a certifiable slut. he got married recently to an illegal alien who wanted a green card. everyone just calls him x.

he joined the army. he is in iraq, and takes pictures of himself at the trigger of a machine gun.

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Xavier was the name of a kid I once met at a spelling bee. He was in the last 20 of 150 students with me, so we chatted a bit. It turned out that we were both homeschooled at the time, unlike the other kids there. But he was different than me. Where I got annoyed at my "Christian" textbooks and hid in my room reading college psychology texts, he loved his creation-based biology class because, according to him, it didn't lie like other science books.

He cried when he lost the spelling bee. His parents would be so disappointed in him, he said. They'd made him study for hours each day, planning for him to win and "show the world that homeschoolers are more advanced than children in public schools".

I guess God thought that was kind of douchely and preferred that my agnostic ass get 3rd place.

Take that, evangelism.

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I never got what was up with people that pronounce the name "ex-zay-vee-ur". Phonetically, it's just "zay-vee-ur". I mean honestly, you're pronouncing a whole extra syllable that just isn't in the name. It would need to start with another vowel to have all four syllables.

I say that if people can pronounce Xavier "ex-zay-vee-ur", I should be able to pronounce David "schnittledee-dipdi-david".

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I do this. Not the david one, though. Saying "Zay-vee-ur" just seems wrong to me. If it's a zuh-sound, it should just be a z. But I guess xylophone ain't ex-zye-la-fone....in other words, good point!

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