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Dear Ovaries,

I am 21. That is young. It is. I still have plenty of time to get married and have kids. Really. So SHUT UP! Yes I'm getting plenty of estrogen, thank you, I don't need anymore. NO, I didn't particularly want to sit around all day wistfully thinking of relationships I don't have. Is it that you're not "getting any?" Come on, be patient. You don't really want to make old Uti put up with rooming a fetus with inferior biology would you? Come on. She's got to put up with that thing for 9 months. Wipe that grin off your face Maternal Instincts! I'm TWENTY-ONE! Why are you trying to mutiny to make everything work against me? Just shut up, and I'll get to it in my own damn time. Thank you.


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Dear overies, ok, ok so i dont date men and you are a little worried. But i promise, I PROMISE that some day i will introduce a nice turkey baster into our lives. so I am begging you, stop forcing me to coo over babies at the mall. it isnt polite to stare wistfully at the toddlers on the playground. Isnt it enough that once a month you give me crmaps and cravings and make me cry? so if you could ,please, just give me a few more years to complete my degree and get us a cushy job that will support my shopping issues and your once a month chocolate addiction i promise to get down to business in the baby making department. -me

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HAHA! Nice....

..... Turkey baster.... teehee

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Dear ovaries. Shut up, that shit hurts. Cysts are not our friends. Also, if I end up running south with someone else's kid, I'm blaming it on you.

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I love this collection of thoughts. Being a guy, I have no understanding whatsoever what... yeah, your whole deal with the lady bits and what they do.

I think the most mysterious thing is the drive to breed. I mean, guys have that too, in a more crude "find a lady and get my groove on" kind of way, but I don't think that guys have that same instinctive "MUST SPAWN" feeling. I suppose the constant "Hey, have you gestated yet? No? FUCK YOU HERE'S A PERIOD" has something to do with that.

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Ehh.. It's not really an avoidance of the monthlies that makes us want to get all preggo. At least not me. Cramps, crying at commercials where they show M'batu eating mud, and a never ending black hole at the bottom of my esophagus sounds a lot better than pregnancy. I just want that little tight knit impregnable nuclear family, the way every girl with abandonment issues, who likes songs with word 'lonesome' in them. But what do i know, I have a million credit hours and no degree. Sorry Mom, sorry God.

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