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I had a really weird dream that someone broke up with me. And I was like "Hmm, this is a first... no one has ever broken up with me before."

I was vaguely sad, but not really.

And it wasn't my boyfriend that was breaking up with me in the dream... it was some guy with dark hair...

I think it's the same guy who's shown up in my dreams before.

This is bizzare...

I just broke up with my dream boyfriend to make room for a real one

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I did this recently,too. He was rather ugly, though. And my current bee-eff is quite adorable. So, I'm happy with the outcome. Dream-dude can shove it up his ass! Lol.

I wunner what dreaming of an unknown boyfrand breaking up with you could mean.

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Maybe it's a sign that we don't need imaginary boyfriends and we can stop daydreaming cause we have the real think in our laps.

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Freudian slip?

When you say one thing and you mean your mother....



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What do you call it when a psychologist falls down? A Freudian slip, ahahaha.

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It's also what Freud wears under his evening gowns.

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Based on dreams, and basic frustration on finding someone I fit with

Rant to a Dream Man

Again you return to me? Only for your face to be forgotten again, no doubt. Why does the sun's light so clog my memories of you? I know vaugaries. Dark hair, kind face, and a beautiful soul. But, brown eyes or green eyes or blue eyes the details escape me. Do you taunt me good sir? To be so kind as to give me directions through the maze of my own dreams, yet you cannot bear to be with me in daylight? Will I ever meet you? You, who have captivated my mind and soul, the one I wake yearning to know? Your name changes sometimes, but always you come back to me, when I least expect it, something rare these days... do you fear that someday, some detail will stick with me? That I'll pick you out of a crowd, and you'll have to fullfill those things you whispered to me in the depths of dreams?

... Do you dream of me? Have I captured your mind, as much as you have ensared mine? Will there ever be a time, I'll remember your responses? I don't know.

But... Here you are in front of me again, so close, so far. At least my soul feels near to you... Let us wander 'cross the beaches of my dreamscape you and I.

My perpective retreats, and I see you there, in perfect detail, which I try to capture, like capturing smoke in a butterfly net, ... I start to forget, and you walk away smiling... Walking barefoot through my dreams again.

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This is amazing. I can actually understand how you must feel, even though I've never experienced this for myself.

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Thank you. I like to consider myself an amateur poet/writer.

The most frustrating part, is that I'm usually really good at remembering dreams... and generally I'll remember everything else about the dream except what he looks like and it drives me nuts.

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As much as it sucks, it makes for very great poetry :) You'll remember the details when the right time comes.

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