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I'm in the same boat...with my dad. He's an asshole to me most of the time and has me run around and do a bunch of things for him. He gripes and nags at me when I don't have all As and then he turns around and tells the world that I'm amazingly intelligent and I'm going to college and I'm super ambitious and things like this.

I really wish he'd chose one. I don't even care which one anymore.

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My dad did that. If you've seen the Arrested Development where George Michael gets an A- and his dad becomes convinced he's on drugs, you've seen my high school years in a nut shell. Run me down because I'm overweight, but then when I complain about being short (five one at age 21) He tells me I'm average. At least he loves me though. You could put my mom's picture in the dictionary next to egocentric, selfish, and crazy-ass bitch.

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Are you ever amazed at how alike our situations are?

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I'm in a very similar situation.... my father has no use for me except to make himself seem that much better of a person then turn around and to try to control my life. Just because I'm not a carbon copy of him doesn't mean that I'm the worst person in the world. Maybe he'll wonder why I never visit him when he's old and alone....

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That's all I am to my mom. She failed at life, in her opinion, over and over, and so has my sister, and my brother is autistic, so I'm the only one she has to brag about/ live vicariously through. Also, when I was little, she'd tell me she didn't really want me, but I couldn't live with my dad because she 'wasn't going to let him win.'


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You're mom took immature to a new level with that comment.

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My mom takes immature to a whole other level with everything.

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I made a stunning realization today. I am a trophy daughter. At least that is what I am to my father. To him there are only two reasons that i exsit: 1. To make me do all of the things that he is too lazy to do and 2. So he can brag to everyone about me. I hate that so much. Within the first 10 mins of meeting someone they know all about me and the type of school I go to. He trys to use me to make himself seem greater. He has such and inferiority complex. He needs to find his own life and stop trying to live through me. I'm tired of being his damn trophy.

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