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I have a major foot fetish and I always hate/love the Spring. In the Winter all the girls keep their feet covered in big boots and the like so it becomes a little bit easier to keep control of myself. By the middle of the Summer most girls have been wearing open-toed shoes for a couple of months and I've become de-sensitized to it unless I really think about it for a bit. But the Spring, oh the when I've been dying to catch a pair of small, sexy feet walking by...or the hottest is when she would just play with her shoe...dangle it off her toe a bit and slide her foot in and out. It's always so hard to not just walk up act out my fantasy. I'd love to approach...and catch her bright eyes staring deep into mine...I'd crawl up...plant kisses on her feet at first...down the tops to every toe and then along her smooth arches. Then I'd run my tongue along the same arch and all along the length of her wrinkled soles...from heel to her toes and then again...Then playfully lap my tongue just below her toes where she's most sensitive. I'd stop only momentarily here and there to catch her glance down at me as her feet entrance me further. I would take each toe into my mouth one by one...listening to hear the slighest moans escape from her lips to tell exactly what she wanted. I would run my tongue along her soles once more to moisten them and then take out the raging hard-on that I'm sure would already have grown by then. I would rub her soles up and down along my cock...I would delight in the sheer joy of having a woman with such beautiful feet working me this way. I would stare direclty into her eyes as I began to pump harder and harder between her arches...occasionally moving up so her toes would squeeze the head of my cock. Then when I felt I was just about to cum I'd ask her to point her toes toward the ground and I'd let loose every drop across her sexy feet...watching with glazed eyes as my cum dripped down from her ankles across the smooth skin of her feet and then settles just in between her toes... But alas...this is for now...fantasy...but as much as I curse you, Spring; I welcome you with eager anticipation.

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I have never been able to understand foot fetish, but this was pretty enlightening.

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Yeah, I'd like the poster to write more about how a foot fetish works, how he first realized he had one, where he thinks it came from, etc. From my perspective, I like giving foot-rubs, and I really like having my feet rubbed, but as far as sexuality is concerned, the feet are about as erogenous as elbows. Foot fetishes seem to be one of the more common fetishes out there, though, so there has to be something to it. Reveal your stinky secrets!

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It was a dark and stormy it might've actually started when I was young. You see, I was rather shy as a child likely due to the horrid reality that was home-life at that time. As a result I didn't really talk to girls in any serious way until I was about 13 and on. Before then I would usually be looking down when speaking with them while I imagine many other boys were discovering their newfound interest in girls by staring straight at them. I suspect that as my affinity for girls in general came about I related at least a part of that affection to their feet for that was the manner in which I related to them on a daily basis. I also don't tend to notice the obvious physical attractiveness of most girls in general. I suppose I became rather disenchanted with the superficial focus of most of my peers. While I do certainly consider the average things in when I find a girl attractive I'm far more interested in a girl who's got something uniquely beautiful about her...even in the physical sense. A cute pair of feet I suppose quickly became a part of that. I see girls all the time that some would consider unattractive and I just can't stop thinking about how sexy she is (with those cute feet as a large part of that). I get off on just about everything else too. And I don't always have to have her feet be a part of anything for me to get off but it sure does help and the most satisfying sexual experiences of my past have often involved her feet in some way, shape or form. I guess it's a bit difficult for me to explain because it's become pretty much normal to me. I do remember the first time that I really figured out that I had a foot fetish. I used to record "The Man Show" when I was 12 because I had to go to sleep before it came on and I'd watch it the next day. At the end they'd always show "girls jumping on trampolines" and I started to notice that I was looking at their bare feet a whole lot more than I was looking at everything else. I welcome any other questions anyone might have.

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It's spring again, my horndog friend. I will wear sandals the next time I see you.

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