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She was helpless and I didn't help her. I have been told she would have never awoke again, once the coma started; that she had probably had a serious stroke, but she held out three days after she took her last drink of water and had some kind of response to the morphine and the other drugs until only a few hours before she passed.

A story she told me keeps running through my head. When she had surgery once, she was given anectine. It didn't where off like it should and she spent several hours aware, but unable to respond. As it did start wearing off, she tried to kick the sheet she was covered with off her feat. A nurse kept recovering her feet and told my aunt that the movement was just an unconscious movement, when the aunt objected. That mad her furious she told me.

I keep remember her arms clenching and her breathing getting really rough, almost angry when we gave her the drugs, and the time she seemed to be struggling to get up. It was fairly early in the process. She couldn't control her limbs, but she acted like she was struggling to get up. When someone tried to calm her she would turn her head toward them and growl inarticulately. She seemed to be able to understand but unable to coordinate her movements or form words.

I can't help but think she died afraid, and alone, wondering why her family was pushing her into unconsciousness with drugs instead of helping her.

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When people have fake confidence, sometimes I get pleasure from destroying it.

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The sound of children laughing enrages me.

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I always disregard microwave cooking instructions. It makes me feel rebellious.

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I will admit it. Seeing facebook status updates that a number of my friends/acquaintances have ended their relationships made me smile.

Now I'm not a completely horrible person here. A few of the relationships were really unhealthy ones, so I'm glad for their sakes they broke things off.

And I'll admit there were one or two cute couples who I would like to see get back together after the summer is over.

All the same as bad as it is, sometimes it makes me really happy to know that I am not the only single person in my social circle.

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Haha... I'm glad I'm not the only one that's noticed it's summer breakup time on Facebook!

I'm a little annoyed at one or two couples who seem to have just taken their relationship statuses (stati?) off Facebook entirely, but neither of them have gone back to being posted as "single." I always wonder if that means they've actually broken up or one or the other of them is just randomly being a secretive douche.

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I know how you feel. I kinda feel the same way... but hey, it's college, people will just jump right back in after summer.

And I've done the whole "remove relationship status but don't put up single" thing too. I did it mostly because... well, I didn't want to jump into a new relationship. I didn't consider myself taken, nor particularly single. It's kind of a sign the other person made enough of an impact on you that you're respectfully taking time off from dating. Or something. I don't know. Maybe I'm just weird.

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