It's 4:30 in the morning.

I have to take a test for a certification at 10 AM.

I'm awaken by the usual biological functions, so I go take care of it.

Some bizarre, animal instinct suddenly says to me, "Something's wrong........"

I do an inspection around the place and frantically realize one of the kittens is missing!

I look around some more and can't find him anywhere, so instead I stopped and listened. As I'm looking in one of the carriers with a bunch of other kittens I start to pick up on this distant meowing. I search under the cover of the kitty-destroyed futon, then look in all the kennel cages. I look in particular at an itty bitty calico among some other kittens and think "Hey, none of you guys are crying.......," then started to realize with a sinking feeling that my poor little baby might be stuck outside. In a panicked rush I get my shoes and a sweater on, run outside, then stop and listen again. As I move in closer to the building, I find him wailing behind some wooden boards leaned up against the side of the wall and he comes running up to me with all of his fur and tail sticking up on end. His little body is rigid and cold, so I hug him to me and run back inside. As soon as we're safely indoors, he runs around screaming a little with some relief and keeps running up to me over and over for assurances and pets. As I sit and type right now, he sits cuddled in my lap and won't leave.

I just had to get the emotions out and I couldn't sleep, my little sweetie was trapped out there for a couple hours (don't know how the hell he got out) and almost spent the entire night with some local feral cats which could have done something to him. The adrenaline rush is almost out of my system, I hope I can attempt some sleep now.

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I want a kitten, so fucking much. I miss my cats and I want something to cuddle and fuss and care for and play with again. Plus I just stumbled upon a bunch of photos of somebody's new kitten, lucky bitch!

The moment I move out of this stupid student house with its strict 'NO PETS EVER AT ALL' rule - and I mean the very second - I am getting myself a kitten. And it will be wonderful.

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I've always wanted a kitten.

Or a puppy, though I think i'm definately more a cat person.

But in any case, some cute little furry thing I could cuddle.

But i'm the only person in my family not horribly allergic to anything with fur.

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Oh, kitties. I want a kitten so bad, but Owen's allergic. Horribly. This is the first time in my life I haven't had at least one feline around. I really miss little furry balls crawling around on me.

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Kittens are positively adorable. They're small, they're glad to be held once you've domesticated them, and they sleep on your shoulder, in the crook of your neck, on top of your chest, on your lap, in your shoe, whatever. They're incessantly adorable and I absolutely love them. They tend to bring me joy with their constant explorations of their new surroundings and the reactions that they have to these surroudnings. They jump about and wiggle around and play a lot. Granted they do use the litter box, need a lot of care, and are often getting themselves in trouble but, damn they're cute!

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