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There have been a few events in my life that i've felt that they were unexplainable. On happened last year when I was sitting in my room talking to Oak. She and I had been discussing a few events that had been occurring in our lives when I felt something strange come up and brush my shoulder. I was used to that at this point so I didn't really care. But I didn't want to be in my room in more so we went down to the printer lounge. We talked until around 4, then I dosed off.

I was right about to dose off I heard my name being whispered, not in Oak's name. Then the cold icy chill that often pulls its nails up your back decided to visit me. I looked to Oak and heard foot steps. We looked at the door, nothing. Then something sat down across from us. "Maybe we should go back to your room," Oak suggested.

"Yes," I replied as we darted out of the room, damning the night for lasting so long. "Shit..." i said as we reached my door, it was locked. I fumbled for my key, as the steps came down the hallway. "Fuck!" For some reason I was scared shitless of this thing, something told me that it was going to try and hurt me. So we darted into my room, climbed up into my bed, both of us huddled five feet off the ground, placing a careful barrier around ourselves. "God damn it, Oak...I'm scared...."

She looked at me and replied, "I know..." She looked scared too. In the dim light we held hands, trying to find energy somewhere to keep ourselves safe. I didn't know what to do, but we both had to piss, and knew better than to sleep at that point.

That was a long night, eventually we went to the rest room. The next day my brother came to fix my room up. Then it was all good.

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I was really into parapsychology when I was a kid. That's the quasi-science of ghosts and ESP. I was really into reading about alien encounters and haunted houses and the occult, too. I'm not sure why all of that grabbed me like it did. Some kids had Power Rangers, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles, and I had Aleister Crowley, Edgar Cayce, and Ninja Turtles.

I would wait anxiously for the day I would see a ghost, UFO, or anything that I couldn't explain. I would go to great lengths to come up with reasons why spots in my photographs, sounds in audio recordings that I had made, and lights in the sky couldn't possibly be mundane phenomena. I believed I could sense the presence of spirits.

Now, despite the scrutiny with which I've investigated my world, I haven't found anything that didn't have a logical explanation for it. I've studied magic tricks and sleight-of-hand. I've stopped "feeling spirits". I've stopped ghost-hunting. I've experienced altered states, come to an understanding of how human perception works and can be muddled at times, and don't believe that I'll ever see a "ghost" that I really believe is a ghost. I've "seen" crazy things while drunk, tripping, or just very sleep-deprived. I know how easily I can deceive myself, so I don't think I can ever truly believe that something supernatural was happening before my eyes.

But still, I take this as a great loss. The world has no more mysteries left in it? Nothing that's truly unexplainable, outside of the quirks of quantum physics and why William Hung is popular? I think that if I just saw one thing that I couldn't rationalize at all...

I don't know. I'd feel like a kid again.

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