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I hate breakups. I'm usually at the other end of them, but lately I've been doing the breaking.

Things between me and my beloved asexual just weren't working out. I've come to the point where meaningless sex isn't desirable anymore. I guess that's why it's meaningless.

There were obviously other issues we had besides the sex (or lack thereof). She constantly second-guessed my love, which seems silly given the circumstances.

She would claim I didn't love her, and usually I would just reassure her until she was convinced again, however temporarily. This time, I just had to ask, "If I'm not in love with you, then why am I with you? It's certainly not for sex." and she replied, "I think you just want to be told that you're loved."

Although it's very true that I'm very needy and need to be nurtured and shown affection constantly, my clinginess is not strong enough to trick someone into falling in love with me without returning that love.

I had to end it then. Loving someone who doesn't accept your love is like another kind of unrequited love.

I guess my neediness really is the issue, but it's not the need to be loved. I already had that.

EDIT: "love" appeared in one form or another 9 times in that thought. I'm not even sure what the word means anymore.

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I use the word all the time. It's sort of become the new "it" thing to only reserve it for very few people, when before it was the "it" thing to use it for everyone and everything.

I'm still living in the past tense. I think I've learned the meaning.

I hope you do soon.

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I need to break up with my boyfriend. He's great and all, but we never talk, don't really make the effort to hang out even though we're living 5 minutes away right now, and things are still awkward between us after three months. This just isn't the type of relationship that I want. I want to be with someone I'm comfortable around, who I can talk to about anything and everything, who wants to make the effort to be around me as much as possible.

My boyfriend is a really sweet guy and he is going to make someone very happy one day, but it just isn't working out between us.

But I'm dreading having to tell him... especially since I think he is content with where our relationship is...

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Oh man. If only emotions could be ruled by logic.

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It's better for you to tell him now, and get it over with than to draw it out letting it get worse and worse.

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So my boyfriend and I broke up, and I kind of feel bad because it's only been an month and I've moved on. Is there like some rule for how long you're supposed to be "single" after a break up? If there is then fuck it. I guess I'll just beak it.

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There's no rule for how long you must be single after a breakup. Some people break up a relationship because they've started a second relationship, meaning there's no singleness at all after the breakup in question.

This phenomenon I fell victim to, in an odd way, as I was waiting for years for one couple to break up so I could make a move on one person in it, but she was already dating someone else, starting relationship B before relationship A even ended, meaning I never got a chance.

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I feel as though you should do things at a rate you feel comfortable. If you find another guy/girl and you want to have a relationship with them, then go for it. Some people are just really needy and other people aren't and so the between time may vary.

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