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Another pet peeve: People with first names that are one letter off from a really common name. Like "Brandom" or "Kinberly" or "Nadison". I guess I can't be upset with the person afflicted with a confusing name, but the parents who pick names like that for their kids are condemning them to spend the rest of their lives correcting people. "Sorry, my name's not Craig. It's actually Kraid. Like the monster from Metroid."

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People that have no idea how to properly use apostrophes and commas.

People that pee on toilet seats.

Guys that pee standing in restroom stalls when there are urinals available. These guys often also pee on toilet seats.


People who send me text messages instead of calling me.

People that don't care to pronounce or spell foreign words correctly. It's Jaegermeister, not Jagermeister; coup de grĂ¢ce, not coup de gras; and Framboise, not Frambois.

People who beat their children.

People who repeatedly ask me if I'm okay.

People who tell me to smile.

Bees. Go the fuck away and make some honey. Bee-otch.

Songs with overly repetitive lyrics.

Rap and hip-hop songs where the singers curse extensively for the sake of filling up empty syllables.

Misleading uses of the words "anarchy" and "hacker" that favor sensationalism over literal accuracy.

Anger and fear.

Teachers that have nothing but the most superficial understanding of the subject matter being taught.

Any websites that play audio without consent.

Businesses that ask for your personal information despite not really needing it.


People that celebrate the censorship, beating, torturing, or murder of activists because of an ideological disagreement.

People that wear way too much perfume.

Cigarette smoke suddenly and unexpectedly filling my nostrils.

People that make fun of things that they don't understand.

People that refer to Frankenstein's monster as "Frankenstein".

People that refer to both Indians and Native Americans as "Indians".

Anyone that begins a sentence with "Now, I'm not racist, but..."

That I don't understand the difference between the words 'Muslim' and 'Islamist', except that the second one sounds a lot scarier in a newspaper headline.

People that don't let their children celebrate Halloween because of religious objections.

That I can't drink soda like I used to without feeling weird and headachey. A weird metallic taste starts rising up in my throat and I can't drink anymore for awhile.

People that are comfortable disrespecting me because I'm nonthreatening and pacifist.

Having to sleep, eat, and take time away from the quest to save the world.

Not being able to keep my mind on one thing for very long.

That my brother's murder was never really investigated.

That you can't ride a bike while wearing a long overcoat.

That I'm still identified as "that one woman's ex-boyfriend" in some circles.

The baffling allure of NASCAR among Americans and the fact that, for the life of me, I don't fucking get why it has so many near-religious followers.

People that want Creationism to be taught in public schools.

People that consider the morning-after pill tantamount to abortion.

People that think that rape victims should have to pay for the police to investigate the rape.

Yeah, Sarah Palin's what I'm getting at with those last three.

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That Sarah Palin woman scares me more than McCain. You Americans had better not let those two get into office.

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rock on about Frankenstein I just had a conversation about that the other day. Also Muslim is the person, Islam is the religion. The rest I either agree with or don't but either way it doesn't matter

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Of course. The question is "what's the difference between the words 'Muslim' and 'Islamist'?"

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Ten years later, my pet peeve has switched from "people who send me text messages instead of calling me" to the other way around.

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