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Halloween is officially national slut day. Seriously.

No offense.

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yea, this is completely true. it's the one day a girl can dress like a skank whore without being questioned. it seems like sometimes girls are expected to dress like sluts. my personal favorite halloween costume was Alice Cooper. Alice > slut.

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...but it's fun to have an excuse to dress like a slut. the beauty of halloween is that you can pretty much do/wear anything and it's acceptable. idk, i do get sick of seeing every girl dressed up and they think they're really cool and hot because they look like a slut.

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I never got to be a sl00t. Probably because I'm a guy. Oh well!

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I've just seen my fair share of "skanks" especially since I live on campus... it's just kinda funny to me is all.

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And I haven't dressed up like a slut either for public eye....

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i'm going to go far left here and say that i appreciate it for what it is.

i've gone both ways. i've done a sexy nurse and a manila folder. marilyn monroe and suicide (my costumes sometimes end up pretty abstract and esoteric). but i think that, speaking as an american, our society makes sexuality -- especially female sexuality -- such a double-edged blade.

women still end up forced into the virgin-slut dichotomy. obviously i can't speak for everyone, but i know that i myself sometimes want to go as all out sexualized as i can. why? because it's fun. because it's instinct. because... who knows. and sometimes i just want to go to the store in my ugly pajamas with my hair all ratty and face all blotchy. why? who knows.

but i don't, because of this unfortunate perception of the feminine. the woman has to be somewhere between not sexy enough and too sexy (prude or whore? pick your poison) to be seen as worthwhile. women are constantly judged on how well they walk this fine line. think about it -- how many times have you walked down the street and thought "slob" as the woman in the oversized t shirt and sweats walks by, and moments later see the woman in stilettos and that low cu

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i'm so sick of this word. slut. whore. bimbo.

fuck it. i love short skirts and low cut tops. i love flaunting my sexuality in public.

i am a slut. yes, i am a slut. it frustrates me that it seems like the only choice for women on halloween is low cut and short. but it also frustrates me that i fall for it every year, because it's one 24 hour outlet for the pent up frustration of walking the knife's edge of female sexuality for an entire year.

maybe if the whore/virgin dichotomy didn't still penetrate every female's subconscious almost constantly then there wouldn't be a need for "slut day." maybe if the word slut ceased to exist then there wouldn't be so many women going over the top because they know for once they won't be judged intellectually and emotionally for what they happen to be wearing.

sorry this is shitty and disjointed. i typed out a whole long comment and then my browser crashed so i'm trying to sum it up briefly.

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haha, i guess part of it got posted pre browser crash. forgive my posting issues. is there a way to edit or delete comments that i'm missing due to tech blindness?

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I'm not saying that I hate it. I just kinda find it funny. Hell, perhaps if I had bigger boobs I'd flaunt them. I do enjoy my legs, and have been known to wear weird short skirts. But I've seen girl actually go around in pretty much a bra and panties - which it fine - I just find it humorous.

I'd rather be whore then prude in all honesty. Whore have more fun. ;D

In some ways I would have to be considered a "whore" because pre-marital sex runs my life. I cannot understand people who wait till they're married. Doesn't make sense to me. Because seriously... lets face it. It's healthier in the relationship to have sex before marriage because sex is a major part of marriage and if he/she isn't cuttin it in the sack your marriage will be a tough one.

But anyways I'm getting off topic. I too dislike the words. And how come it doesn't apply to men? But I guess that's just the way it is. And apparently it isn't changing.

Ps don't worry about the comment thing, it's all good :D

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There is a huge difference to me between society's definition of a slut and what a slut actually is. I think I've explained this to "FF3399" before, but there is more to come in my own thought on "slut" soon.

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slut to me is someone who sleeps around.

Perhaps a better way I could have put it is that "Halloween is dress in skimpy clothes day." but to me the words slut makes more of a prominent picture. Bad diction on my part.

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Naw, don't worry. I get what you're saying. I like how it inspired these long comments when the original thought was like a sentence and two sentence fragments though. This is a testament to its strength as a word and as an insult.

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you two have, like, the EXACT same color. i was slightly confused for a second.

maybe you're soul mates...?

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HA! I actually get confused about it sometimes too. Like I'm not sure if my old thoughts are mine or hers.

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this is funny because we are friends and didn't know that our colors were so similar until after we started posting.

And by the way I, too, think it's interesting that so many in depth thoughts came from this.

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I fucking love this holiday.....but what gawthy kid doesn't eh? Tis' Halloween guys and ghouls, that means you should get up, and go do something fun. NOW! Ready.....set....go!

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Agreed...and about to go explore the wonderful city of chicago!

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