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The Little Godlings

Glittered men contrive to hide their greedy sin down deep inside a river blue with surface skimmed by whispers of dead seraphim.

Yet in the end a chance mistake caused earth to rend and sky to break immortal steel resounded high as desperate angels raced to fly.

Their line soon broke, their vanguard lost and sin spilled forth, towards deadly cost to all those pure who'd kept their faith until they too became sin bathed.

The storm blew death and left behind a wasteland harsh and without time and all this sprung from planted seed of glittered men and costly greed.

Original Regret

Frustration hid from prying eyes I turned my back to all the cries The taunts that crimson dyed my cheek Drained my will and made me weak

So back I went to make amends With God and tie up all loose ends For where I felt my mind belong Cared not for those who’d done me wrong

Emboldened now I took the knife That was to end a wasted life so lacking joy and in defeat My final acts let loose red heat

The deed was done and as I rose I looked back at discarded clothes As I grew cold I saw at last The beauty in that disowned cask

I glimpsed just once a glowing slate And saw my name obliterate And faceless thus, with nothing left I wept for sins I'd done in death

Pariah the Damned

Pariah bathed in mountain streams, left Mother Earth to keep her clean, and thusly lived untouched and true, desiring naught but what she knew.

Eventually the wood men came, who shattered Gaia with their name, and with their tools gutted the mount, on which they Pariah found.

She trusted them and gave them food, from private stock she had accrued, they ate it quick and wanted more, but larder gone, they locked the door.

Pariah blocked what happened next, for she was frightened and perplexed but she learned then how mortal sin, had conquered whole the race of men.

No longer pure, Pariah died, from shame and hurt man left inside, the wood men left remembering not, the whore they’d used and then forgot.

Shadow Vigil

Penumbra bright, absorb the light, cast forth an inverse sun.

Follow close, repel the ghost, that stalks the ones who run.

Relentless be, for holy three, forever seek to claim,

Their mortal cage, lost in their rage, at man's initial shame.

Be vigilant, dire shade hellbent, encrusted with dark's thorns.

For Heaven's sway, wavered the day, that all shadows were born.

Forgotten Crusade

Gabriel spoke, Messiah born, Lucifer broke, in dam'ned scorn, Angels both, like wings adorn, Heaven's host, asunder torn.

Poison bred, from anger spent, Dark one led, with dire intent, Angels blight, their halo's taint, Against a right, triumphant saint.

Siege condemned, black general turned, To race of men, who quickly learned, How serpents lure, in guise of right, And tempt the pure, towards fallen night.

Continued thus, the battle waged, Sides erroneous, of unsure gauge, True war had broke, with man the spoils, The white one stoked, began his toils.

Eternal war, with no outcome, Deserved a score, to beaten drum, Which told the tale, with naught exempt, Of how man failed, and was redempt.

Lucky Duck

Oh broken wing, I curse the day, I felt the sting of childish play. For play has oft caused young to cry, and now defies my wing to fly.

The geese are gone, I fly too late, childrens brawn I've grown to hate. I've lost my way and lost my host, but children may soon suffer most.

For though they've foiled my southern trek, this beak is whole and still may peck. And peck it will, till cotton ties, surround the childrens sightless eyes.

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