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i have some interesting theories on this one. before i'd ever done it, i did my research; erowid and the like offer good troves of information, and i picked up DMT The Spirit Molecule by dr rick strassman and Pharmakognosis by another guy whose name i can't be bothered to look up. both fantastic reads.

i've done dmt alone, in groups, given it to people who've never done anything more than weed, given it to drug addicts, insomniacs, hardline catholics (always willingly, of course - im not sure how one would be force-fed a hit of DMT without resorting to a needle, and that would just be cruel). i've done it out in the woods, in snowstorms, on the beach at dawn. i did it once while on acid.

it's the one thing i've found that always elicits a positive response (though granted i was extremely careful not to give too-large doses, i've tried to "overdose" myself a few times and never really noticed a huge difference in effect). one girl hadn't slept for more than an hour a night for months; she crashed for 18 hours instantly after hitting it. i saw a gay guy and a lesbian make out after hitting it. one guy just started crying because he knew he'd never feel that good again. one friend consistantly hears mars volta-esque music while flying through space. one swears that each time he does it, he has telepathic conversations with aliens. the catholic guy just laughed for twenty minutes, which was a nice change of pace.

me? well... i consider it a tuning fork. theory: all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. we, in turn, vibrate at a receptive frequency that allows us to interact with and sense what we call reality. for the vast majority of us, that vibration only gets altered in sleep, at the near-death experience (which BTW is caused by the human brain dumping its own reserves of DMT into your bloodstream), or during moments of extreme duress.

DMT always makes me feel vibrations in such a way that i really think i'm being slightly re-tuned. everything old becomes fresh and exciting, like i've seen it before but never quite in that particular way. as mentioned by the other poster here, auras become much more visible and apparent, something only the finely-tuned of us normally are receptive to. it's not the dream-world vibration and it's certainly not the near-death vibration; it's momentary ventures into other levels of reality.

my roommate who spoke to aliens summed it up the best - it's like there's multiple layers of reality happening all at once, all in the same place, just we can't quite perceive the others. its like we're underwater and they're on land, and we could communicate if only we could overcome this whole breathing problem.

strassman's book says that many people encounter wild visuals or sounds, but that if you push through there's some real extraordinary things to be found on the other side. once, confronted with an elaborate set of closed-eye geometries, i heard a rising pitch in the back of my mind. i hummed to match it, following it up in pitch. then there's a moment where most of what i've just typed became wildly clear, before it all went back to normal.

if there's any scientific proof to be heard of other levels of reality, it will be found in the study of DMT. for now, though, be comforted in the fact that these other beings occasionally encountered never seem to mean us any harm, are often either curious as to our presence or interested in helping us learn more about ourselves. some people report being surgically worked on while in the trips; these usually result in magically disappearing tumors, if anything happens at all. usually they're just interested in our biology, apparently.

once, i'm convinced, i played momentary host to one of these others. i was astounded by my inability to walk through walls, spent some time getting to know a candleflame by name and history, and danced. i'm not a dancer, and there was no music playing; but i danced to a beat i'd never heard, and it felt fluid, easy, perfect to the t. then it was over, and i was left with the strangest feeling of gratitude; like, "thanks for the momentary vacation." or maybe, "thanks for helping me finish my science project."

dmt shouldn't just be legal. it should be mandatory. there should be whole schools devoted to the study of it. if all of us could know that tranquility, even just for five minutes once in our lives, the world would be a better place.

and if you know where i can get some... cough

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dunno about the first part but the second is definitely true.

dips into stash

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So last night I tried DMT for the first time.

We smoked it. I took one hit and could feel the effects almost immediately, two and someone reached over and took the pipe from my now immobile hands. All of the sounds in the room were amplified by 50 times and everything, even a lighter being lit seemed to hold my attention for much longer than it normally would have. I caught myself going into trains of thought only to emerge back at the original thought. Everybody in the room had vibrations all around them that seemed come from their skin and in an odd way, wrap around their surroundings. It lasted about 15 minutes and all in all it was pretty intense. Intense and wonderful. Definitely a good experience.

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I've only heard good things about DMT. I'm outspoken about my promotion of salvia divinorum, and people say that DMT is like a weaker salvia that lasts longer. So instead of spending a year in another dimension during a five-minute trip, you're spending an hour on another planet during a half-hour trip.

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It's one of those things I will definitely have to experience more to accurately describe it....A lighter being flicked caused a burst of flame that went far beyond the regular confines of a normal flame. I loved it. We had Salvia the previous night so I got to basically compare the two. I wouldn't say that it is at all weaker....just all together a different type of feeling.

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