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"Bucket" didn't quite feel complete for what I wanted to post, so I decided to append something at the end of the term and make a title out of it. I want to disclose every single thing I desire to do before I die, from the magnificent to the silly, and then the bizarre. You know, that which will make no sense to anyone or anything except the mass sitting between my ears. I need to put my thoughts out there so they're more likely to become reality, and sometimes all it takes is the simple act of naming it for a group of strangers who don't know me. But even if I don't do all the these things, I'm still happy to say that I have something to live for and look forward to in life. Anyways, here goes.

  1. Traverse the Appalachian Trail (bonus if I can get my toke on)
  2. Visit multiple WWI & WWII sites
  3. Visit several Norse settlements, although I don't think I'll go for the one in Canada
  4. View the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Pools of Reflection, and other places of learning in New York (basically, NYC tourism)
  5. Join an animal aid effort of some sort (mostly interested in helping stray cats and dogs but open to other possibilities)
  6. Achieve 100 hours of community service
  7. Learn CPR and first aid
  8. Build a firearm
  9. Experience mudding in an appropriate off road vehicle
  10. Participate in a demolition derby
  11. Try dirt biking
  12. Try out a form of street or EDM dance
  13. Formally learn guitar and piano
  14. Go zorbing
  15. Zipline in one of the less commercial islands of Hawaii
  16. Find a place to go streaking in the rain
  17. Hike the perimeter of Mackinac Island
  18. Hike the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  19. Visit Salzburg and Vienna in Austria (important to musical and film history)
  20. Bike the Shimanami Kaido in Japan
  21. Observe the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  22. Paint a butterfly or flower under a bridge dedicated to fallen heroes
  23. Repaint a landscape in my local college village near my favorite coffee place
  24. Attend at least one rave in another country
  25. Visit the Red Light District of Amsterdam
  26. Go to my college commencement ceremony in covert bondage (you know, BDSM stuff)
  27. Attend these musician's concerts:
  • Rammstein
  • Gwar
  • Metallica
  • Lordi
  • Moonspell
  • Disturbed
  • Sabaton
  • Amon Amarth
  • Lich King
  • Wardruna
  • Eivør Pálsdóttir
  • Dzivia
  • Runahild
  • Skáld
  • Garmarna
  • Peia Luzzi
  1. Visit a BDSM club
  2. Go to Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare
  3. Attend a kinky camping venture
  4. Have sex while high on mushrooms
  5. Do my first flesh hook suspension, possibly nude or near nude
  6. Attend Villain Arts Tattoo Convention, preferably in Chicago
  7. Attack someone with a glitter bomb
  8. Assemble these kinds of themed play parties:
  1. Learn to blow glass bowls (hehe, dirty wording)
  2. Relive my snowmobiling days
  3. Finish designing my text adventure/fleshing out said story
  4. Experience a temperature extreme in general, like in the 300 club
  5. Build/program an arduino smart car & raspberry pi
  6. Go horseback riding at least one more time
  7. Rock climb at my campus rec center
  8. Negotiate a tickle torture scene
  9. Study at least one martial art to overcome fears of an old injury
  10. Do an underwater handstand/flip (there's a phobia behind this, that's why it matters)
  11. Go to the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset BLVD in L.A. (Lemmy Kilmister's bar)
  12. Try out fire breathing
  13. Further explore these fetishes and kinks:
  • Wet cupping
  • Fire cupping
  • Medical experimentation
  • Speech restriction
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Abduction play
  • Hunter/prey games
  • Impact play (including bastinado)
  • Fire play (like a game called snapdragon from the 16th century)
  • Kinky Hide and Seek
  • Corsetry
  • Have my arms mittened and my mouth sewn shut
  • Hojojutsu
  • Religious play
  • Play with various devices such as a tens unit, violet wand, wartenburg wheel, clothes pins
  1. Negotiate a scene with a dom to go through a series of activities unknown to me (while avoiding my hard limits)
  2. Negotiate a scene where I first play dom and then get flipped into submission through a challenge or physical overpowering of me
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Notes on Mackinac Island: It smells like horseshit and chocolate fudge when you land, and it's VERY BIZARRE AND YOU NEVER LOOK AT CHOCOLATE THE SAME WAY EVER AGAIN. But bring at least twenty-five bucks for the fudge. You don't need to get it on the island, just go to Mackinaw City. Oh and DO NOT DO THE $10 lighthouse climb....it's like being in someone's attic and the antithesis to excitement....save the money for fudge or taffy. And you have to stare at stranger's butts or have other strangers stare at your butts. (also sorry for your loss and I'm sorry also if you've actually already been around there and you don't need any of these tidbits)

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That's alright, I've already been to Mackinac Island before! But it's been a long time since I went, so it's always helpful to be reminded of things like what you mentioned. I also have no qualms about seeing other stranger's butts or people seeing my own booty, I just expect people to not touch me in a sexually inappropriate manner. Thanks for the condolences, I'd like to think that I can foster a healthy, resilient response to tragedy. I want to believe that nothing will stop me from reaching the kind of life I want to have, no matter how much time or effort it requires. I'm human, and therefore imperfect, but then again perfection is boring and useless anyways.

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