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a friend asked me to write a love story for her, to help her deal with being single and alone around the holidays. unfortunately she lives a few thousand miles away, otherwise that wouldn't really be the case at all. regardless, i wrote three, but this one was the honest one. this one is mine.

love story three: quietly

the kids grew up, and either met new people or reconnected with old friends. they got to know each other, then a little better, and eventually moved in together. they worked hard; when one worked late, the other would have dinner ready, and a massage, and an ear for the day. the next night, the roles might be reversed; the next, quietly at home, or out causing a ruckus. they learned to accept each other's quirks, and when one's past decisions came back to haunt them, they'd work together to get through it. the apartment would be too small for their income, and they'd spend the money traveling. one day, right before their flight out of paris, he would get down on his knee in front of the eiffel tower, and give her a piece of cheese in an engagement ring box. you know, because getting engaged in paris is cheesy. then he would reveal that their planes weren't taking them home, and they would go somewhere much cooler, where he would take a knee again. the ring wouldn't be in a box; just handed out, because the box was on the ground in front of the eiffel tower, where she'd thrown it at him, laughing. one day they would get a dog, but it would be too big for the apartment, and they'd discuss finding a better place. it would have extra bedrooms, which would be filled, first by visiting friends, and, later, by children. the kids would grow up happy and well-adjusted, and before they knew it they'd gone off to college, leaving behind heads just starting to go gray. the dog would wag his tail happily as they left for the last time, then turn to them expectantly, saying, now what? the two then look at each other, smiles revealing the innocent happy love they'd slowly cultivated together. they'd go back to work, but not for long. one day the work would be done, and they would sell the house and move to a beautiful place out in the country, there to live out the remainder of their days in peace, bothering nobody, bothered by nobody, content to watch the sun rise and set a million times in each others' arms. their hands would take up idle pursuits, creative endeavors, and they would leave their own undeniable marks on the world. one day, then, they would quietly leave their corner of earth, having made it a slightly happier, more beautiful place. the end.
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Lol @ the cheese & paris thing. What a sweet story. the only true love story I know is that of my parents, and they met while working in a nut house. not at all romantic...

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It was a whirl wind romance. I was thrown off course. I was suddenly in the middle of a fairytale and i was the princess worth fighting for. for the first time in my life i was perfect, lovable, sexy and wanted. Desired from all sides. "how long will you love me?" I asked foolishly. "Forever" you replied seriously. and, like a silly little girl, i believed you. i let myself go. let myself feel treasured. thought when you told me i was the one for you, you meant it. silly little princess. dont you know the prince grows up to be king and runs around slaying other peoples dragons? so go, slay those dragons for her. Im going back to my tower, buliding higher walls and learning to kill my own dragons. without you and your empty promises. and when you look back at me and smile I am going to run you through. the end

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-sisterly fist pump- Seriously, this happens to the best, the strongest, the most intelligent of us.

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dear purple square- i do believe that i like you :-)

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