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So one of my oldest friends was here, and his penchant for writing caught up with him, and he asked for paper and a pen. The next day I got nosy and looked through the notebook for two reasons. One, I know if there's something he doesn't want me to read he won't leave it at my house. We've been reading each other's stuff and critiquing for years. Two, I wanted to see what the hell ass balls stupid stuff I had wrote was in there, so I could then freak a little wondering what he had read.

Summary of what he wrote. Are we fucked as humans? It sure seems like it. We do nigh incomprehensibly stupid things constantly. Let's get a thinktank together of the most peacefully minded and intelligent people from the world, give them a sovereign nation above all the laws and rules and mores of man. We need to start thinking globally, to save our asses as much as because it's the right thing to do.

This is my response.

The reason we have survived this long is as much our selfish fuck everyone else attitude as our protect family and community one. Human beings are adaptable and ever changing. Also, this thinktank that has absolute authority, it won't work. Do we make a second, secret international group to watch the first? I'm sure most of the people who are selected are going for the intended purpose. But a sovereign nation above all laws and rules of man? SOMEBODY will decide to send a ruthless asshole to take over. How many countries are there, 178?

I'm not saying we're doomed, but anything like this will be a secret. It will have to be. No government knowledge, or at least minimal governement knowledge. And it will have to be very few people.

Five people often can't agree on a movie or a place for dinner, let alone politics and morals. Four people are likely to polarize and come to stalemate. Three people might work but Two people would be better and One is best for what one can do.

And I still believe one person can change the world. We all do to a slight degree. Go watch It's a Wonderful Life. It's impossible to not change the world slightly. As far as peace minded people, we need rationally peaceful people. Rational anarchists.

Things won't change much until there is a global awakening. Until people realize that we don't have to do things this way just because. I'm not knocking tradition or culture here. I'm not saying ditch the last six or so millenia's worth of human life and discovery, and start over. Just wake up. I can't think of a better way to put it.

I don't see how this will happen anytime soon. If you're struggling to feed your family, you're not concerned with anything else. If you're sick, unhappy, lonely, bored, angry, you're not concerned.

We are all driven by desire. That's what separates mammals from other life forms, mostly. It's not an exact line, I know. But it's a very good inexact one.

It's very hard to change what people desire. I can't just up and change what I want, can you? Most people can't, especially the big things. I'm not talking about an iPhone or a car. I'm talking about the things we historically live for. Like other human beings.

There is less love in the world, it seems. I'm more and more convinced this has something to do with the utter crappiness of things.

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Why do you say there's less love in the world? That kind of argument could use some kind of clarification as to it's reference point.

I would say that, historically speaking, anyway, there's much more love.

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My only true fears (besides rats) are the unseen consequences of my actions. I've spend vast amounts of time trying to moderate my share of the ripples in the pond over the years and the more I try to seize control over myself and my insanity the more it slips out of reach. My natural instinct when presented with a challenge or a problem is to let my oh-so-intelligent subconscious take the wheel and go by instinct to take care of the problem. Once solved, the problem passes out of my mind and out of my responsibility, but the consequences of my actions continue unabated.

I equate mankind as a whole to the problems of its individuals, and it just seems to me that the world is acting entirely too much on instinct to deserve our position on the food chain. America is indolent and gluttonous. Africa is impoverished and disadvantaged. Europe is entangled in the memory of their empire and the adaption to the American culture. Asia is quietly gathering power and Australia (though peopled by the descendants of criminals) is surprisingly innocent.

The entire world is so wrapped up in the differences that have kept us apart and strong throughout the years that we've failed to see the imminent consequence of our actions. As the world grows ever closer to either nuclear armegeddon, uncontrollable overpopulation, or merely a sudden American imperialism that spreads over the world like a death shroud, we all continue buying our latte's and reading our newspapers...ranting to our wives over our eggs and bacon on the injustices of the latest gas hike.

We have no fucking clue how close the world is to anarchy. Stating that we've survived as long as we have because of a sort of "balance" between selfishness and philanthropy, or between anarchy and order only points to the picture of man vs man on a small scale. Man is no longer on a small scale. Governments exist to keep everything quiet and to keep the people railing against the minor things. Business exists to provide comfort to the poor man and prosperity to the rich man. Wars exist so that two very different people can feel a little bit better about their impact on history. Meanwhile the world and the laws of action/reaction continue unobserved and unabated.

Our world is fucked...maybe not tomorrow, but if someone doesn't put the peoples attention on the real problems soon it'll be too late to do anything but die.

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I say there's less love in the world because the average individual is much more alone and isolate now than throughout most of history.

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