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Irresponsible shit that gets people killed:

Seriously, dude. I have watched one person die from people being stupid and irresponsible with guns - and the irresponsible person got killed by the dead guys family after he got out of juvy. Don't cause the second one, whether it's yourself or someone else.

Don't get the idea that you can be some badass protective hero. You have no real experience with physical confrontation, and the people you may be dealing with have a shitton of it. They'll realize you don't know what you're doing within seconds of seeing you, and you'll either get seriously injured, or do something incredibly stupid - like snap and blow someones head off.

Furthermore, it's a really bad idea to keep guns loaded, especially when you aren't to the point that you can break that gun down, clean it, and put it back together with your eyes closed. They need to be kept clean, rounds can go off unexpectedly, and if a round gets stuck in a gun (especially in a shotgun), you need to be rather careful when taking it apart to avoid setting off the round.

People die from shit like this everyday - cleaning their loaded gun, gun goes off, through the wall, and kills their neighbor. People playing with a gun they don't realize is loaded and killing their friends. People loading guns with the barrels pointing at someone else, the gun goes off, dead friend.

Don't be a fucking showoff moron. Especially don't be one around guns. You and your friends are not immortal, and the probability of tragedy quickly approaches 100% as foolishness, inexperience, and firearms are combined.

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I know. I'm being careful. Or I intend to be, at least. I just feel like my hand is being forced. I want to just disappear and make myself impossible to find, but as long as she insists on staying at her house, I have to be there too and I have to be ready for when they come. I'm not trying to be badass. I'm just trying not to feel like I'm going to inevitably be at the mercy of a van full of armed thugs with violent intentions and a history of murder.

I just don't want to be killed like my brother. That would really piss me the fuck off, especially if I have all this advance warning that an attempt is going to be made and an opportunity to prepare.

And we can't have anything happen to her, of course.

sigh I could use some good advice.

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Your viewpoint is entirely understandable. What prompted the previous comment was, apparently, somewhat incorrect information from someone else. The weapon is a fine one for the purpose it was gotten for - but it is still imperative to have respect for it. It's an instrument of violence, and a powerful one at that. It needs to be handled with respect, or not at all.

When it comes down to it though, what happens will happen. While I seriously doubt that the current situation will escalate to the point of people dying, it is a possibility. It's always a possibility. People die - it's the one thing that people are equally good at, and one of the only things that everyone will eventually do.

I really think that if their goal was physical violence, it would have already happened. Groups like the ones fucking with her generally don't pussy-foot around initiating violence, and there's been a large amount of pussy-footing going on. I suspect that it's probably some sort of high-school initiation bullshit, but I don't really know.

It's a pretty tense situation. I don't have much in the way of advice to offer other than trying to prepare for dealing with an immediate, physical threat in a sane manner. People have a tendency to snap in their first fight, and the last thing that needs to happen is people dying, regardless of who it is. I don't even know how one could go about preparing for such things quickly.

I just really don't want to see anyone making any snap decisions in the heat of the moment that end up with people dying, and I know that it's very hard to keep control of your reactions in a physical confrontation. I was under the impression that you had copped something of a cliche male-protective attitude, which would be extremely dangerous if something did actually happen - for yourself, and for the other people involved. It seems that I was incorrect, which is relieving to say the least.

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The situation is so bizarre. I don't know quite what to make of it. If it were them initiating teenagers, then why was the head guy showing up on his own? What could he have possibly intended to do? If it wasn't an initiation thing, then why did they send that other guy that ran away terrified when she chased after him? My thoughts are that since they've gotten into her house once and just lightly wrecked up the place, leaving no message and not stealing any of the expensive stuff, and got into the house a second time for what seems like the exclusive purpose of setting up some sort of ambush. Maybe the answer is that they don't even know what they're doing, or that they knew at one point and have changed the plan since then.

I just want to talk to them. I hate this mystery.

Since one of them getting shot would surely escalate the conflict further, I want to absolutely avoid that up to the point that it's obvious that it's necessary to prevent one of us dying. And maybe I'm paranoid, but I assume that if they get an opportunity to get one punch in or to hold one of us down, our chances of defending ourselves from attempts on our lives would drop to zero. It's been ages since I've taken a punch to the face. I have no idea how easily I could be knocked out, or how well I could grapple with a (supposedly) trained MMA fighter like the head guy, but I think it's safe to assume that I'd be pretty fucked if he got the drop on me.

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I understand becoming furious at what you thought was going on, but it's kind of dumb to chew somebody out based on some under-informed second hand information. Of course it's preferable to not saying anything in such a situation, and I'm glad that you talked to me before taking things further than an ether rant, but still. Maybe you don't know him well enough to have confidence in his gun etiquette, but you know me well enough to know that I wouldn't tolerate someone treating a firearm like a video game.

All that aside, we probably shouldn't worry so much. I think that they just want to sneak in when I'm there to throw me a surprise party.

You guys are both pretty cool, by the way.

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Yeah, I reacted way to quick. Oh well, I'm quite accustomed to acting like a dick, and then feeling dumb about it.

I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't tolerate someone treating a firearm like a video game - I also know you well enough to know that you might not immediately put an end to something like that in front of other parties. Same process of evaluation that I do with everything else, I just didn't put enough weight on the possibility that the information I was provided with was inaccurate - in hindsight, I certainly should have considering what I know about how the person who provided the info thinks.

Mainly I wanted to ensure that someone didn't get all fucking cocky with a gun, I'm sure we've both seen that happen - and it rarely turns out pretty. Probably not the best delivery, considering the amount of pissed I was while writing, and I'm more than glad to know that I was in the wrong in my assumptions.

Weights adjusted.

It would be fucking awesome if they successfully made a path into your house, and you came in one day to discover a giant cake, along with some Blitz playing and a group of WP assholes celebrating something. All popping out from closets and behind furniture with their straight red laces and braces with party hats on. Pure, unadulterated awesome.

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I didn't take the initial post as mean-spirited, just concerned and stern. I don't think that any level of "don't be stupid" advice is inappropriate when you're dealing with firearms. The last thing that we want is for one of us to save those goons the trouble of putting us down. And I do appreciate that you're looking out for us, even if it came off as scolding at first.

I think the current plan is pretty solid, and should drastically lower the possibility of a physical confrontation. I look forward to when we can be confident that this has blown over and I can start carrying my guitar in my guitar case again.

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This is a strange conversation to watch unfold, but I'm glad you lot seem to have come to an agreement!

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This is a strange conversation to watch, if I didn't know better I'd think I was reading the plot to an indie action film or short story.

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viral marketing?

i really want to know the situation, kinda. make more vaguely inconclusive posts please.

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You nailed it. The three of us are writing the screenplay of an action family comedy based loosely on our lives that's slated to begin production in January and probably be released around Christmas of 2009. Crispin Glover plays me, a scruffy Matthew Lillard plays A7330F, and Janeane Garofalo plays A43029. My character begins a shootout in the middle of a Chuck E. Cheese at the beginning of the film because of a misunderstanding of how many prize tickets it takes to get a Spongebob Squarepants blow-up doll, and then has to masquerade as a sassy black woman in order to win back the custody of his children. A surprise cameo by Shatner as my zany travel agent really brings the third act together.

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Yes, we've been practicing our roles for what will quite possibly be the greatest screenplay of all time. Black's ideas about actors are nice, but it's a bit early for that - we should probably produce the short film first. I've contacted Glover, Lillard, and Garofalo, and they've expressed interest as long as we can prove that we're serious.

Filmed with a preference for sepia-tones, Black gets word of a possibly intense situation regarding a43029, while at, or shortly after exiting the Chuck E. Cheese. I, unable to act, largely do what I do in real life, which is act like a detective on the internet. I don a black hat for a bit. Tensions are rising, and it seems like something really bad could happen, but in the end it was all for a very-secret surprise party for a43029 featuring dance moves straight out of a Max Cherchi flick.

There are a few other interleaving plots. In addition to Shatner, Arnold "The Governator" should be making an appearance as a guy trying to buy a wii for his "life-partner"s child but is held back by hordes of fighting homosexual Californians, and LDS members while losing his memory and traveling in time.

John Waters is scheduled to make an appearance as "every priest ever", as well.

Really, it should be a top-notch production.

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